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  • The Role of Church in Democratic Society
    discussion evening of Fedor Blaščák
    Thursday 5th February 2015, 6 pm

    This topic is actual everytime when a political fight becomes one of the main activities of Church. Everytime in a new historical situation Church is trying to find a way of co-living with actual political reality. We are witnesses of this finding in Slovakia from 1989 as well. Is it possible that we will replace [...]

  • On Local Level (Memory Kontrol 1989)
    Friday 14th November 2014, 6 pm

    Another discussion evening with Fedor Blaščák and artist Michal Moravčík, who tries to find regional actors of Velvet Revolution in his research. “On Local Level” is a voice collection of leaders from November 1989.
    Presentation and discussion will be a part of cycle Memory Kontrol and accompanying event to exhibition of Dan Perjovschi Sellected News at [...]

  • Who does burn and who does protect archives of “ŠTB”?
    discussion evening of Fedor Blaščák
    Thursday 23rd October 2014, 6 pm

    „Communist were sadists and antisocial individuals,” wrote Slovak poet Ján Ondruš in year 1992. It is 25 years after the fall of communism and still there are many key stories which werent handled at all but which has a power to show the courage of ordinary people on one side and cruelty and inhuman treatmen [...]

  • How to Win Elections?
    evening discussion of Fedor Blaščák
    Thursday 2nd October 2014, 6 pm

    (picture from photography esey Tomáša Halásza Kiska: Way to Palace, magazine MONO)
    About communication strategies and tricks. About dirty anticampaigns and intentional disinformation. About work of people who stand in background of what we see and hear when politicians perform in front of the microphones and cameras.  Why it is not good to believe everything what [...]

  • Farm in the Cave: Whistleblowers
    theatre performance / Slovak premiere
    Tuesday 30th September 2014, 6 and 8 pm

    Inscenation is not just a so-called Orwellian fantasy. It was created according to a real affair which ended up by a scandal judgement of the court in Switzerland in 2013. What is hiding behing the marketing identity of corporation? Corporation whose products we consume every day. Real context is leading us to unexplained murders of [...]

  • LOBBY: Who manipulates us?
    Thursday 5. 12. 2013, 6pm

    Who affects our lives more than we dare to accept on the first glance? They are not secret services anymore but we should ask questions like What has changed since State Security (ŠTB)? How does political marketing work nowadays? And what about the lobbyists?
    Discussion evening of Fedor Blaščák (MEMORY KONTROL) and his guests.
    Radovan Choleva - [...]

  • Memory Kontrol: We don’t want you here
    discussion evening
    Monday 14. 10. 2013, 18.00

    If we are thinking about minorities in the terms of the “geographical emancipation”, in other words, that they are seeking their place on the earth, where they would feel safe, then Central Europe was not their safe haven during the 20th century. On the contrary. By the opinion of American historian Tony Judt, the minorities [...]

  • Memory Kontrol: From the Teacher to the Student

    “When we speak about genocide we speak about our identity. Our feelings about who “we” are and who “they” are. Genocide and identity are totally connected both in its commission, conception and memory. The effects of genocide don’t stop when the killing stops. They continue for decades. For generations. Even hundreds of years.”
    Dr. Paul A. [...]

  • Memory Kontrol:
    Jews in Czechoslovakia (1918 – 1939)
    discussion evening
    Wednesday 19. 6. 2013, 18.00

    „Jews all over the world have one admirable characteristic, fixed and conscious consistency.“
    Milena Jesenská: Nad naše síly (Židé, Němci a Češi 1937-1939)
    Around 1930 Czechoslovakia was one of the few democratic countries in Europe and was on the top of the world economy. In the first republic there were several minorities living on its territory and [...]

  • Memory Kontrol: How to remember the Slovak state?
    Thursday 21. 3. 2013, 18.00

    Discussion with historians and presentation of the complex representative survey of public opinion about attitude towards the period of Slovak state between 1939-45 and about distinction proportion of “Slovak blame” on holocaust.
    Discussing: historians Stanislav Chytka, Ján Hlavinka, parliamentarian MZ in Bytča Michal Filek.
    Moderating Fedor Blaščák, Memory Kontrol / Jews in Slovakia.
    Entry: 2,00 €

  • Divadlo na tahu (Cz): Václav Havel – Audience
    theatre performance
    Friday 16. 11. 2012, 7pm

    Legendary playled by Václav Havel, the tragicomedy based on his experience from short-term employment in Trutnov brewery cellars.
    Divadlo na tahu is from its beginnings focused on Havel’s plays. Its founder and the director, Andrej Krob, is respected executor of Havel’s dramatic texts, he was one of Havel’s best friends and neighbour at Hrádeček where he [...]

  • Peter Getting: Studne mútne (Muddy Wells)
    Thursday 15. 11. 2012, 6pm, Žilina Artforum

    Spisovateľ o spisovateľoch a o umeleckej kolaborácii. Prednáška spojená s projekciou a živým prednesom Alžbety Vrzgulovej.
    Author essay of writer Peter Getting entitled Studne mútne (Muddy Wells) is about engagement and collaboration of Slovak writers and artists between 1939-1945. It focuses on period production, magazines and books, but also political pieces, poems and public statements, cooperation [...]

  • Kubo Ursiny & Provisorium
    Wednesday 14. 11. 2012, 8pm

    Provisorium, Dežo Ursiny’s band, is experiencing its reincarnation. Son of legendary Slovak musician decided to revive father’s legacy. The result sounds highly authentically. Kubo’s vocal with band’s performance is doing a great job. The band consists of six great musicians - Valér Miko (keyboard), Juraj Turanský and Peter Vavro (both guitar), Roman Mezei (bassguitar), Michal [...]

  • Separation of Czechoslovakia was right decision
    Wednesday 14. 11. 2012, 6pm

    Czecho-Slovak debate match for and against this thesis between Czech and Slovak student teams. Attitudes and arguments of generation that did not experience one state. This event is organized with Czech Association of debate clubs and Slovak debate association.
    Free entry

  • Dialog 20-40-60
    Tuesday 13. 11. 2012, 7pm

    Sonde into emotional relations of a man and a woman of different age. Analysis of love and marriage of those who are just entering the life, those on the its top as well as those who are already counting their days. Experimental film consisting of three stories by three directors. The only common element is [...]

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