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  • Residency program for performers from V4 countries

    International Visegrad Fund in cooperation with Stanica open sixth year of the program named Visegrad Artist Residency Program – Performing Arts.
    VARP—Performing Arts provides opportunities to host performing artists or companies from and in all V4 member states and to support concerted work of talented artists to create a platform for information exchange and to support [...]

  • “Give me a hard time”
    interview with Nienke, our Dutch volunteer

    Since January, you can meet a new volunteer in Stanica. Her name is Nienke, she is our first Dutch EVS volunteer ever and she is going to stay with us until the end of November. What she is up to and how she feels in Žilina, you can read in an interview we made with [...]

  • We are launching a debate on independence of cultural centres

    On the one hand there are dramatic cuts across public funding of art and culture in Europe and at the same time European leaders talk about growing economic potential of cultural sector. On the other hand new independent cultural initiatives keep growing. However, many of them are not able to survive in a longer term [...]

  • Juraj Gábor’s Sight Pyramid to sit on the top of Súľov hill

    “My ambition is to make you stop and think what you are looking at and why it could be interesting. The patience teaches me what the art is.” Juraj Gábor

    Juraj Gábor (1985) is a visual artist, graduate of VŠVU in Bratislava, the winner of Igor Kalný Prize 2012 awarded by Regional Gallery of Fine Arts [...]

  • Czechs and Slovaks discover the truth about the holocaust together

    On Wednesday 26 August 2015, leading experts on holocaust history and renowned intellectuals from Slovakia and the Czech Republic will meet at Stanica Cultural Centre in Zilina. At the international conference and interdisciplinary seminar they will discuss topics concerning the resistance and effort of the Jews to inform the world about the genocide and [...]

  • FEAR / Origin of the state

    We want to contribute towards the discussion about the idea of the statehood and concept of the natural law as well as to reflect upon the position of liberalism in former communist countries nowadays. The project is divided into 2 lines: academic research and artistic production. Research will be realized by intellectuals, curators and [...]

  • Platform calls for trials of surviving Communist leaders for crimes against humanity

    Stanica (NGO Truc sphérique) is member of Platform of European Memory and Conscience and we support its initiatives:

    At an event called “JUSTICE 2.0“ in the European Parliament in Brussels today, the Platform of European Memory and Conscience is presenting the names of living top-ranking persons responsible for crimes against humanity committed in former Communist countries [...]

  • We published “Design handbook for cultural centres“ – the book of architecture and design ideas from independent cultural centres

    You can order the book here. By purchase of this book, you donate money that supports the renovation of new cultural space Nova synagoga / kunsthalle Zilina in Slovakia. We are also happy to send it to you by post.

    We published a book that we had worked on for three years. We sent out [...]

  • Paper November LilMondays

    In November we will shine, we will snow, we will fest and we will have a trip to space.
    3rd November 2014 - we produce paper houses and then we will light in them.
    10th November 2014 - Martin on white horse is comming and we will celebrate his arrival by paper snowing, building of snowman [...]

  • Adam, our volunteer in Bulgaria

    Last week, we were happy to send our volunteer and friend Adam to one-year volunteer residency in Bulgaria. From now on, he will spent twelve months helping with organization of cultural events, he will create programme for kids, manage the website, make photo documentation and develop other various creative activities in Razlichniat pogled (Различният поглед) [...]

  • PidiOctober

    Come to Pidi also in October! At the beginning of the month we start to work with textil materials because we want to say hello to the first year of Slovak Fashion Week (which is happening at least in Bratislava) symbolically. In the second half of the month lizard boy and lizard girl will meet [...]

  • Be QUIET, we will tell you how we composed it

    2′ 16′′ and a half: Space Odyssey opera guide
    You might be interested in how and from what the 2′ 16′′ and a half: Space Odyssey opera has been composed.
    Composer and conductor Marek Piaček collected lots of famous and also less well known compositions. He presented us with his favourite pieces of classical music, opera, film [...]

  • Workshop Wool Design. Carpathians

    Invitation to the international workshop Wool Design. Carpathians
    Date of 1st part of the workshop: 04.09 - 06.09.2014
    Date of 2nd part of the workshop: 12.11 - 15.11.2014

    Place: Jaworzynka (PL) – Museum „Na Grapie”
    Workshop for designers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary with craftsmen and
    How to apply for the workshop?
    Please send your application togehter with the [...]

  • Stanica headhunting for EVS volunteer - technician

    Stanica, train station transformed into cultural hub, is looking for someone between 18 and 30 who would be interested in 12-month European Voluntary Service. The project activities will be connected primarily to technical preparation of the events, assisting our handsome technicians / light designers (Ints & Daniel) and sound engineer (Andrej) setting up the gigs [...]

  • PF 2014

    Thank you for your support and participation in 2013. We are enclosing the first third of our schedule (the contract with railway company is finishing in 2033) and we are opening the second decade. We will be glad to have you around us. Shall the motto be:
    „One needs no manual, one needs faith and he [...]

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