fashion3-kopiaCome to Pidi also in October! At the beginning of the month we start to work with textil materials because we want to say hello to the first year of Slovak Fashion Week (which is happening at least in Bratislava) symbolically. In the second half of the month lizard boy and lizard girl will meet again. We chose these topics but dont try to find any other meaning behind it, we want mainly a friendly meeting of families with kids - every Monday at Stanica.

6th October 2014 - Ant Mode Magazine - you just try and you will see how it is funny to dress ants! - we will do it as a collage from textile materials.
13th October 2014 - Small Twister - we will drag around parts of space and we will create cocoons and pupas from the rests of woll and cotton. What will hatch out from them?
20th October 2014 - Masking of Lizard - every lizard is covered by scales. We will try sticking plucked scales to paper mask.
27th October 2014 - Dream Lizard Mandala - we will work with round composition and we will use colorful sand as a material.

PidiMondays are organized everytime till lunch and also after lunch.
10 am - 11.30 am - specially organized group for toddlers (age about 1 - 3 years old)
3.30 pm - 6 pm - atelier prepared for mixed group of kids (age about 1 - 6 years old) with parents.

Admission is voluntary 2,- €/ child we collect to box.
You dont have to submit, further information:, 0907 178 756

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