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  • Paper November LilMondays

    In November we will shine, we will snow, we will fest and we will have a trip to space.
    3rd November 2014 - we produce paper houses and then we will light in them.
    10th November 2014 - Martin on white horse is comming and we will celebrate his arrival by paper snowing, building of snowman [...]

  • KINDERHALLE / Podium of Winners
    guided tour of Nová synagóga for families with kids
    Saturday 25th October 2014, 3 - 5 pm

    Be aware! It s the first time when the exhibition of Oskár Čepan Prize finalists for young artists till 35 years of age is held in Žilina. There´s Jana Kapelová, Martin Kochan, Matěj Smetana but also Jaro Kyša from Žilina in this final clash. Who will be the winner?
    We welcome every member of family who [...]

  • PidiOctober

    Come to Pidi also in October! At the beginning of the month we start to work with textil materials because we want to say hello to the first year of Slovak Fashion Week (which is happening at least in Bratislava) symbolically. In the second half of the month lizard boy and lizard girl will meet [...]

  • KINDERHALLE / Selected News
    exhibition of Nová synagóga for families with kids
    Saturday 4th October 2014, 3 pm - 5 pm

    We welcome families with kids to take a look at our Nová Synagoga. What is new? Many things because Synagogue is under reconstruction and there are more and more novelties you can evaluate by yourself. Plus there are two essential exhibitions shortly in a row.
    Exhibition of Dan Perjovschi: Selected News is cultural event [...]

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