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  • 2′ 16′′ and a half: Space odyssey
    contemporary opera

    When working with a children’s orchestra consisting of more than 20 children the biggest challenge is to achieve silence. In this sense to prepare John Cage’s famous 4′ 33′′ is probably less accomplishable than to practice Bach’s concerts on one side and Schönberg‘s dodecaphony on another side. However, a team around Mareka Piaček went for [...]

  • Peter Šavel, Kamil Mihalov: Shifts

    „Yeah. Rational mind knows, but the emotional mind can be in denial.“
    (Aurora Winter for GriefCoachAcademy)
    Duet of a dancer (Peter Šavel) and pianist (Kamil Mihalov). Emotional movement interpretation of a grief and sorrow in the interaction with Goldberg variations of Johann Sebastian Bach.Shifts is a play within discrepancy between the rational structure and its
    consequential emotional imprints. [...]

  • Milan Tomášik: Off-Beat

    Contemporary dance, Slovak premiere: September 27-28, 2011, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie
    In his solo project Off-Beat, he’s looking for a “new body” and new movement. He’s juxtaposing the parallel between human breathing and the rhythm of music. He confronts the impulses of contemporary dancer with baroque music. He’s exploring the tension between outside influences coming from the history [...]

  • BodyTalker (Be, De, Sk): Could we f lie together

    Dance performance, work demo presentation: August 16, 2011, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie
    “A short story by F. Kafka inspired us to explore the borders of the human within us. Troubles arise at the dialogue between the social body and the innate biological body.”
    Peter Šavel and Juliane von Crailsheim are part of artistic team of BodyTalker, in which actors [...]

  • Palissimo: The Painted Bird | Bastard (Part I)

    Bastard is the first part of a trilogy project The Painted Bird about displacement, „otherness“ and transformation. Solo dance project Bastard is inspired by a controversial novella by Jerzy Kosiński The Painted Bird from 1956.  In one of the chapters, the main character meets a man who, out of his rage, paints a little bird’s [...]

  • Zuzana Burianová: Mandrake

    Solo project produced by dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Zuzana Burianová in cooperation with four musicians and film director. The first impulse for making the performance was Mandrake or Mandragora – known as herb (particularly for its root) or part of rituals, even as woodoo doll. Similarly to other root systems, this performance reflects an image [...]

  • Ján Šimko: The Last Historical Mission of Young Generation

    Theatre performance, opening night on February 5-6, 2010 in S2, Stanica Zilina-Zariecie

    What happens when during a party you learn that somebody was beaten and the revolution has started? Sure, perestroika is on since four years, the regimes in Eastern Europe are falling one after another, first tourists are dismantling Berlin wall and in Czechoslovakia there [...]

  • Milan Loviška: My Art: Who´s Frank?

    An avantgard and egocentric cabaret show that has been decadently emptied! Popculture as a source for an individual’s identity. Reflection on ego-industry.

    Performance reflects the impact of popculture and consumer society life style on one’s own personality. People today, being attacked by media and information freedom, can only hardly find an answers to questions such as: [...]

  • Mariana Durcekova, Jan Luteran:

    Theatre performance, opening night on June 13-14, 2009, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie

    “You know what is funny, that when you say wedding, so what is, so what is wedding?“ J.K.
    Authors’ theatre performance reflecting the nowadays views on the marriage ritual. The link during the whole performance is the record of discussion of the young theatre makers after participation to [...]

  • Tomáš Krivošík: Melting into Reality

    Melted stories of people oscillating between partial exile - not fitting in reality and melting, merging into it. Individualism as a new form of narcissism.

    Choreography and interpretation: Tomáš Krivošík, Veronika Kulíšková
    Music: Juraj Haško
    Light design: Katarína Ďuricová a Tomáš Morávek
    Premiere: December 7, 2008, cultural centre Stanica Žilina-Záriečie
    Production: Stanica Žilina – Záriečie
    Production is supported by Ministry [...]

  • Jaro Vinarsky: Butticula : Figures of a Fool

    Contemporary dance performance, opening night December 7, 2008 in Stanica
    First solo part of a trilogy Buticcula inspired by theme „Fool (Jester, Trickster) and a King, Madness and a Power, Expressed and Bottled up.”
    The fool is confined. Unsatisfied and determined not to resign to his situation, he is reviving in his strange „prison”. The way out [...]

  • Viera Dubačová & coll.: Schoolmates

    Documentary theatre performance, premiere November 17, 2008 in Stanica (derniere November 20, 2009 in Stanica)
    Performances: Stanica, Martin (festival Dotyky a spojenia, June 2009), Bratislava (festival One World, September 2009), Banská Bystrica (festival Arteterapia, November 2009)
    Personal history of a period. Performance - event based on anniversary schoolmates´ meetings that took place at Stanica Zilina-Zariecie. Eight classes, [...]

  • Tomášik, Gottfarb, Herdieckerhoff (SK, SE, DE): Baga-Basta

    contemporary dance performance
    Dance creation of Milan Tomasik, dancer Alexander Gottfarb and musician Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff in co-production with PTL Ljubljana, CCL Linz and Stanica Zilina-Zariecie. Baga-Basta je dance, musical and visual world where communication has many various forms.
    “Lights are gonna blind me shining like the sun, smiling having fun, feeling like a number one. Beams are [...]

  • Eduard Kudláč: Feed the Snake on Your Chest - Part II: Reality Report

    (intellectual concept/sketch)
    Topography of a country of people, who went out of the map.
    With the fact that we cancel the money on the earth, we TAKE pseudocreators and lizards their MAIN DOMINATION TOOL - a program, through which they ENSLAVE, MANIPULATE and SUCK AT / ASPIRE ENERGY of terrian humanity (fear and other negativ emotions, superflu [...]

  • The Long-The Large-The Sharpeyed

    Theatro Štvorkolka (SK)
    Tomas Hudcovic & Hana Hudcovicova Luksu
    puppet theatre for children

    The classical fairy tail performance using marionettes is telling a story about a prince who is going to free a princess from a bad magicman jail.
    The performance is for children 3 years old and more, but mothers, fathers and grandparents use to appreciate it as [...]

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