Zuzana Burianová: Mandrake

Zuzana Burianová: MandrakeSolo project produced by dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Zuzana Burianová in cooperation with four musicians and film director. The first impulse for making the performance was Mandrake or Mandragora – known as herb (particularly for its root) or part of rituals, even as woodoo doll. Similarly to other root systems, this performance reflects an image branching, unification, repetition, opening, variation, expansion, or narrowing… ending up in one collective form.

Choreography and interpretation: Zuzana Burianová
Live music: Matej Vrábel – double bass, Peter Dvorský – viola, Marián Michalec – vibraphone, Pavol Kubalík – guitar
Camera, projection, music editing: Peter Pikna
Premiere: 19. 2. 2010, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie

Performances: Stanica

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