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  • Eduard Kudláč: Feed the Snake on Your Chest - Part I: Stamina Report

    sentimental concept/sketch
    Feed the Snake on Your Chest is sentimental concept for three actors, according to author representation, realised with real notes, press conferences, blogs, daily notes, research articles and subjective shouts. Stamina report is the first part of the new trilogy by the director Eduard Kudlac. In this project, the author together with the actors created [...]

  • Nicoleta Esinencu (RO & Eduard Kudláč (SK): Fuck You Eu.Ro.Pa!/ Zuckerfrei

    theatre performance
    Project Fuck You, Eu.Ro.Pa!/ Zuckerfrei is the concept of one topic and inscenation of two texts written by the young Romanian author Nicoleta Esinencu (1978).
    Personal story, family failures, orgasm, totalitary regim, family, communist bimbos. Icons, which locked the life of several former generations and icons that sell us the feeling of freedom now.
    Performance produced [...]

  • Jaro Viňarský & Lucia Kašiarová (SK): Hearts Like Wounded Birds

    contemporary dance performance
    A fragmentary story in movement set in space perspective deformed by light.
    The first thing to be said about this performance is that it follows an idea (began in the performance The Last Step Before) that attempts to connect the light design with the movement and dance inside a theatre space. The lights and [...]

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