Workshop Wool Design. Carpathians

Invitation to the international workshop Wool Design. Carpathians
Date of 1st part of the workshop: 04.09 - 06.09.2014
Date of 2nd part of the workshop: 12.11 - 15.11.2014

Place: Jaworzynka (PL) – Museum „Na Grapie”
Workshop for designers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary with craftsmen and

How to apply for the workshop?
Please send your application togehter with the portfolio (lik to portfolio or file up to 5 MG) to up to 10th of August 2014.
The number of participants is limited. The participation in the workshop is free of charge. Organizers provide accommodation and catering but do not cover the travel costs. Results will be announced by 18th of August, 2014.

The project role is to stimulate wider interest in sheep wool. Carpathians have a long and valuable tradition regarding the use of wool and create of wool products. It must be remembered that pastoralism was in the Carpathians for centuries the basis of the agricultural economy and shaped the rich material and spiritual culture of inhabitants of this region. Unfortunately, today wool is becoming more and more forgotten material, unwanted byproduct. The aim of the project is to inhibit the processes that will soon lead to the complete disappearance of creating wool products. Through sustainable development to restore and protect the traditions of wool products in the Carpathian region. Indication of a long and rich tradition of grazing sheep and wool, protection of old techniques using wool and presenting their new face by creating new products.

The aim of the project is to craft associated with wool in the Carpathians. Understanding the old techniques of working with wool and presenting them in a new role through the creation of new products. The project involves conducting workshops for designers, working with craftsmen to better knows techniques wool using: yarn, weaving, felting, dyeing wool, etc. Knowledge of the old techniques wool using would be able to develop new products by designers: wool in a new role.

Zamek Cieszyn Design Center (Poland) - leader
Technology University of Łódź (Poland)
Flowers for Slovakia (Slovakia)
ÚĽUV - The Centre For Folk Art Production (Slovakia)
Czechdesign (Czech Republic)
Hungarian Wool Festival (Hungary)

Project is co-financed by International Visegrad Fund.



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