Juraj Gábor’s Sight Pyramid to sit on the top of Súľov hill

“My ambition is to make you stop and think what you are looking at and why it could be interesting. The patience teaches me what the art is.” Juraj Gábor
Stavba Zrakovej pyramídy

Juraj Gábor (1985) is a visual artist, graduate of VŠVU in Bratislava, the winner of Igor Kalný Prize 2012 awarded by Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín. Object entitled The Sight Pyramid was a part of his solo exhibition Dívka před domem in the same gallery in autumn 2014 which our organization cooperated on.

In the gallery
The object entitled The Sight Pyramid is linked to a video in the beginning. Physical experience of a sight into the landscape - this is one of the ways how to describe his approach to the videofootage of the landscape. Juraj chooses a frame from the environment and leaves himself standing an hour with a camera in his hand staring into this one direction. The visitor can only hardly understand the physical experience related to a process of making an hour long video. But the instability of the final footage can provide at least some information about the feelings and gradual fatigue of a man behind the camera.

Zraková pyramída v interiéri galérie

Vo vnútri Zrakovej pyramídy, inštalácia v Krajskej galérii výtvarnéo umenia v Zlíne, 2014

In the second step of making of the piece, the rational analysis of the view into the landscape had to come. Following the tradition of renaissance authors and their invention of the sight pyramid, Gábor materialises the physical space that is in the view of the camera. 3-dimensional objects (3d sight pyramid) emerges and limitates the view and becomes some kind of projection room of the final video, an hour long footage of the landscape. The visitor has a chance to step in the projection room and so step into the view of the author with a camera, becomes the part of the final picture.
Zraková pyramída, inštalácia v Krajskej galérii výtvarného umenia v Zlíne

In the landscape
In the last step (in Súľov), the original video-projection is dissappearing from the piece. Juraj Gábor chooses the only static view into an opened landscape where he places his wooden object. The object frames the only (real) view, becomes a monument in the landscape and for the landscape. This was the first thing that came to our minds after we saw his exhibition in Zlín a year ago – this art piece needs its own real landscape where it stays at least for several years. Even despite fact that it will serve only as a emergency touristic shelter.

Foto: Katarína Luciaková2015-10-26-1245Stavba Zrakovej pyramídy v Súľove

Together with Juraj, we wanted to give this 18-meter long object a new life this year, so we are trying to place it into the actual landscape. We have found a meadow-hill above Súľov, a village with good and open-minded mayor. So we have began constructing. Our colleague Robo Blaško has formed a team of statics and builders who took this challenge. We wouldn’t make it on ourselves, it is one of the biggest realizations in the public space in our region, moreover with a very low budget.
Stavba Zrakovej pyramidy v Súľovefoto: Richard Köhlerfoto: Richard Köhler

We want to thank to - Juraj’s father Ján Gábor (chief of the building), the village of Súľov - Hradná (especially to the mayor Jaroslav Bušfy), architects Michal Pulman, Igor Babiak (Periférne centrá), statics Ondrej Marko (2021 architekti) and Štefan Halvoň, blacksmith and carpenter Ladislav Staňo, company Kontrakting (consulting) and building crew led by Peter Marciš.

Currently, we have run out of the financial resources necessary to finish the construction. We are looking for a way how to complete it before the winter. We are not giving up.

Come with us on Saturday 21 November 2015 with kunstbus and have a look how we have managed to install the Sight Pyramid in the landscape. Information about the trip will be published soon. And then, we are inviting you for a solo exhibition of Juraj in Plusmínusnula Gallery that will be opened 6 December 2015.

The project is realized in cooperation with:
Obec Súľov - Hradnápc-logo2012

Thanks for support to:
Podpora MK SR a Erste Stiftung

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