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  • Juraj Gábor’s Sight Pyramid to sit on the top of Súľov hill

    “My ambition is to make you stop and think what you are looking at and why it could be interesting. The patience teaches me what the art is.” Juraj Gábor

    Juraj Gábor (1985) is a visual artist, graduate of VŠVU in Bratislava, the winner of Igor Kalný Prize 2012 awarded by Regional Gallery of Fine Arts [...]

  • Public presentations of MestoZÁhrada workshop guests
    30. April - 5. May, each day @ 5pm

    The workshop, where young architects designers and students meet, to discuss the topic of navigation and visual communication in city toursm includes visits and presentations of interesting guests. The presentations will happen daily from 5pm at upper attic in Stanica, and it will be conducted as open discussions, where wide public is warmly welcome! Here´s [...]

  • Design of our new garden and gallery in Stanica

    Here are some of the new designs from architect Martin Jančok and landscape architect Michal Marcinov showing how are new garden behind Stanica and the new gallery S3 will look like. We are starting to work on it as volunteers already this week with building up a fence all around the park to have more [...]

  • Photo: Memory Kontrol: Victims and Heroes

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

  • The most vivid park discussion was about teenagers

    Twenty people joined on Wednesday August 25 the discussion about the future of our park and camping under Rondel near Stanica and use of 7.000€ awarded from O2 Think Big program. The participants from Stanica, from the Living Underground workshop and from the Municipality of Žilina under leadership of Martina Paulíková from Ekopolis Foundation identified [...]

  • Discussion about future of the park-camp under Rondel
    Wednesday 25. 8. 2010, 17.00

    Come and plan with us the future of the park and camping under Rondel bridge next to Stanica. Join the public discussion with the experts from Ekopolis Foundation, our friends architects and designers and bring your ideas and wishes. As the money coming for the reconstruction are gathered from community supporters, the planning will have [...]

  • Thanks to your votes Stanica won 7.000 € from O2 Think Big program. Thanks!

    And we got nearly twice more votes than the second project in final - 1.020 votes. Thank you so much, your support is greater than the money that we will receive, it means we have community of people around Stanica. Telefónica O2 Slovakia in cooperation of Ekopolis Foundation opened this new grant program - Think [...]

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