The most vivid park discussion was about teenagers

diskusia_o_parkuTwenty people joined on Wednesday August 25 the discussion about the future of our park and camping under Rondel near Stanica and use of 7.000€ awarded from O2 Think Big program. The participants from Stanica, from the Living Underground workshop and from the Municipality of Žilina under leadership of Martina Paulíková from Ekopolis Foundation identified the main target groups (”users”) of the park - artists and audience from Stanica, people with dogs, neighbors and families with kids, people just passing by and youth). Mainly teenagers drinking cheap alcohol and making problems after were the most hot topic of the debate. From many ideas how to eliminate their behavior the winning strategy is not to make the fence but open the park for more activity of the major groups. New path connecting park and Závodie quarter (prommissed by the City) will grow the number of people passing, new facilities and equipment (benches, children playground, street and outdoor sports, public lights, free wi-fi Internet connection, …) will do the same and clear rules and cooperation with the city police will bring more control to the space. A part of the money from the grant we will invest in finalization of S2 venue and public showers for the summer camping-festivals. In future we have to focus more cultural activities and new buildings in the park (accommodation, studios for artists, new cafeteria), but this requires a lot more financial sources than we have at the moment. The works on the park are starting in September, if you can help us with material or your voluntary work, you are more than welcome.

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  1. Vďaka za tip, vyzerá to trochu brutálne, ale keď už nebude inej pomoci… zatiaľ to teda určite neplánujeme, ale dobre vedieť, že niečo také existuje.

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