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  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 27
    20 slides x 20 seconds
    Friday 6. 6. 2014, 8.20pm

    Popular presentation format of architects, artists and other people and projects which you should know about. This time, we have invited designer Peter Moravčík, who had designed information system that Municipality of Žilina has used to mark over hundred historical buildings, painters Aleš Čermák and Pavla Lazárková Trizuljaková, farmer market Farmička.sk or NGO Mladý pes. [...]

  • Žilina – Centrum Rudiny II.
    architecture competition proposals exhibition
    6. - 18. 6. 2014, Stanica

    Unfortunately, it is not usual when a developer in Slovakia calls for public architecture competition verified by Slovak architecture chamber. Even more positive exception was a competition on the area between Hliny VI. a Solinky where there will not be IKEA (according to urban legends) but a new residential area with appartements, shops, playgrounds [...]

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 26
    20 pictures x 20 seconds
    Friday 21. 3. 2014, 8.20pm

    Architects, designers and other creative human beings which we want to let you know about.

    At first Pecha Kucha at Stanica this year, you will see and hear:
    Tereza Hejmová, graphic designer
    Milan Slama, Záhrada, independant culture center Banská Bystrica
    Ján Gašparovič and Katarína Gatialová, Plusmínusnula Gallery
    Marek Brieška, arabist
    Zuzana Kedroňová, fashion designer
    Juraj Hubinák, director, promoter, musician
    Jan Durina, [...]

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 25
    20 slides x 20 seconds
    Friday 13. 12. 2013, 8.20pm

    Four times a year, we meet to watch new faces of art, architecture and other creative industries, people cooperating with Stanica but also individuals from other places we want to show you. This time, it came on Friday 13 but it will be lucky opportunity for farewell drink with 2013 programme at Stanica. We will [...]

  • Create your own cultural centre

    A guide by Stanica?
    Yes, we tried. Robert Blasko put on paper Stanica story to share our mistakes and small victories over the years to create the cultural centre. You can download it here.

    It has been 10 years since we opened the building and started to transform the area around for the public use, community [...]

  • Pecha Kucha (Global) Night – Žilina, Volume 24
    20 slides x 20 seconds
    Friday 20. 9. 2013, 20.20, Nová Synagóga

    1 night, 100 cities, 1000 presentations and Žilina among them. For the first time in synagogue.
    At the twenty fourth Žilina volume, you will watch landscape architects Michal Marcinov (labak) and Michaela Kesanová (Faculty of Architecture STU), sculpturer and climber Štefan Papčo, Miro Sedlák from Nový dvor stone dwelling in Brhlovce, photographer Richard Kohler, Miroslav Marko [...]

  • Mercenary architects in action!

    “Living Underground workshop was useful experience where the enthusiastic people from Stanica shared their knowledge with me to make Ateneu santboià (Barcelona) a better place to live,” Sergio Fernandez.

    „During two intensive days and nights, we have tested utility of dispositional design of new Tabačka’s model, we have been looking for a new solution [...]

  • Living Underground 9: Mercenaries of architecture
    Monday - Saturday, 5. – 10. 8. 2013

    There is a few architects and designers, who understand independent cultural centers. The best ones will come to Stanica, in order to work for cultural centers, connected in Slovak network Anténa and international Trans Europe Halles.
    Within one week professionals will be, for free, designing and making plans for various cultural centers, thanks to the support [...]

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 23
    20 images x 20 seconds
    Friday 21. 6. 2013, 20.20

    Sixth year for 23th time of popular evenings you will meet with collage of architects, artists and other creative people, about which we will let you know. On one stage you will be able to see artist Juraj Gábor, Darina Zavadilová from Komfort Mag, bookseller Adam Berk from 82 bøok&design shõp, photographer Marek Jančúch or [...]

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 22
    20 images x 20 seconds
    Friday 22. 3. 2013, 20.20

    In the traditional youthful format 20 images x 20 seconds and with a microphone in the hands we are presenting another bunch of interesting inventors and projects, about which is good to know:
    Rudo Sikora
    Tomáš Halasz
    Východné pobrežie
    Nová Stará tržnica
    Oľga Guttenová
    We are not sisters
    Ľubica Fábri / Archa
    Natalie Novik
    Andrea Pojezdalová
    Michal Hanula
    The Builders
    Viktor Takáč
    Entry: 5,00 / 3,00 € (adults [...]

  • (Slovensky) Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 21
    20 fotografií x 20 sekúnd
    piatok 14. 12. 2012, 20.20, S2

    Ján Pernecký / Asking Architecture
    Dušan Katuščák
    Tomáš Lodňan / Trashout.me
    Ján Šicko
    Pavla Ortová
    Johanka Čierna
    Slovenská organizácia pre vesmírne aktivit
    Ondřej Chrobák / Moravská galerie Brno
    Katarína Morháčová
    Kamil Zajíček / Vzáří - Septembeam
    Silvia Čechová
    Dušan Hnilica / Mycoguerrilla

  • (Re)think architecture:
    Modern and totalitarian in Žilina 20th century architecture
    symposium, Wednesday 25. 10. 2012
    Nová synagóga and Žilina municipality

    Ongoing reconstruction of Behren’s synagogue is an opportunity for scientific seminar organized by Department of Architecture ÚSTARCH SAV. The restorers, architects, historians and theoretists will meet in Žilina for a day to discuss issues of renewal of the modern architecture and Žilina synagogue as its perfect example.
    Magdaléna Kvasnicová will present results of the architectural research [...]

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 20
    20 slides x 20 seconds
    Friday, September 21, 2012, 20.20, S2

    Give a mic to the architects or artists and you are kept for hours with their never ending lecture. Pecha Kucha has though a limit of 6 minutes and 40 seconds to perform short, dynamic and (very often) also with humor. 20th edition of popular evening will present on the big screen in S2 following [...]

  • New Synagogue: Pre-Opening
    August 23 - September 22, 2012

    Behrens architecture plays first European league, and we would like to let you know about it. The future Kunsthalle is now under great and costly reconstruction, but from time to time we will enable you to enter the building. To watch the process of revitalization, progress of works, to get to know our intent but [...]

  • Report on Living Underground 2012

    Do you love inspiring people and their incredible and real stories? How to build a cultural center in order to become a legend? What mistakes to avoid? Are you interested in architecture? Are you in love with Trans Europe Halles networking? If you are positive about at least some of these questions then you should [...]

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