Living Underground 9: Mercenaries of architecture
Monday - Saturday, 5. – 10. 8. 2013

S3 gallery made out of shipping containersThere is a few architects and designers, who understand independent cultural centers. The best ones will come to Stanica, in order to work for cultural centers, connected in Slovak network Anténa and international Trans Europe Halles.

Within one week professionals will be, for free, designing and making plans for various cultural centers, thanks to the support of project Engine Room Europe, financed by European Commission and the Ministry of Culture SR.
During the meeting architects will cooperate with cultural managers from independent cultural centers Tabačka Kulturfabrik (Košice), Divadlo Pôtoň (Bátovce), Nástupište 1 – 12 (Topoľčany), Hidepark (Nitra), Projekt bunka (Nitra). From abroad there will participate AKTIV Art Centre (Serbia) and Ateneu Santboià (Spain).

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