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  • Peter Biľak: The depth and the width
    Wednesday 7. 8. 2013, 19.00

    In these days, experts and narrow profession specialization are appreciated the most. However, Peter Biľak argues that this approach may be too restrictive. The proof that a broad area of activities can enhance creative work can be seen from his work in the fields of typography, language, dance and in his magazines.
    Peter Biľak is [...]

  • Living Underground 9: Mercenaries of architecture
    Monday - Saturday, 5. – 10. 8. 2013

    There is a few architects and designers, who understand independent cultural centers. The best ones will come to Stanica, in order to work for cultural centers, connected in Slovak network Anténa and international Trans Europe Halles.
    Within one week professionals will be, for free, designing and making plans for various cultural centers, thanks to the support [...]

  • Report on Living Underground 2012

    Do you love inspiring people and their incredible and real stories? How to build a cultural center in order to become a legend? What mistakes to avoid? Are you interested in architecture? Are you in love with Trans Europe Halles networking? If you are positive about at least some of these questions then you should [...]

  • Can a cultural center deal with the local authorities?

    One of the answers of such a question is the Living Under(ground) workshop “zilinaCITYgarden” that took place at Stanica April 30th - May 5th 2012.

    The general topic of the workshop was a navigation in the public space. The workshop group consisted of students and professionals working in the field of architecture, cultural management, design and [...]

  • Living Underground 7
    Saturday-Saturday, August 20-27, 2011

    LU is a project by architects, designers and cultural activists. It is a creative laboratory focused on public space, however, with limited budget and workforce created by participants. This time, the workshop is organized within Engine Room Europe project with international participation. Some presentations and discussions are open for public.
    Many years of cultural production [...]

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