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  • Mercenary architects in action!

    “Living Underground workshop was useful experience where the enthusiastic people from Stanica shared their knowledge with me to make Ateneu santboià (Barcelona) a better place to live,” Sergio Fernandez.

    „During two intensive days and nights, we have tested utility of dispositional design of new Tabačka’s model, we have been looking for a new solution [...]

  • Living Underground 9: Mercenaries of architecture
    Monday - Saturday, 5. – 10. 8. 2013

    There is a few architects and designers, who understand independent cultural centers. The best ones will come to Stanica, in order to work for cultural centers, connected in Slovak network Anténa and international Trans Europe Halles.
    Within one week professionals will be, for free, designing and making plans for various cultural centers, thanks to the support [...]

  • Report on Living Underground 2012

    Do you love inspiring people and their incredible and real stories? How to build a cultural center in order to become a legend? What mistakes to avoid? Are you interested in architecture? Are you in love with Trans Europe Halles networking? If you are positive about at least some of these questions then you should [...]

  • Can a cultural center deal with the local authorities?

    One of the answers of such a question is the Living Under(ground) workshop “zilinaCITYgarden” that took place at Stanica April 30th - May 5th 2012.

    The general topic of the workshop was a navigation in the public space. The workshop group consisted of students and professionals working in the field of architecture, cultural management, design and [...]

  • Application form for Living Under(ground) workshop

    Living Under(ground) Workshop (5th - 12th August 2012)
    Living Under(ground) is a laboratory of young architects, designers and cultural activists linked to cultural center Stanica Žilina-Záriečie. It is focused on creative ideas for public space and places of cultural action. The ideas are realised with limited budget and usually with workforce represeted by hands of participants.

    We [...]

  • MestoZÁhrada 2012: Navigation
    interdisciplinary workshop
    Monday - Sunday, 30. April - 6. May 2012

    An interdisciplinary workshop for students of architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, design, visual communication, or even tourism development and tourism management. In cooperation with Regional turism organisation Malá Fatra and City of Žilina, we´ll together seek for creative solutions for the city information system - areas for sticking posters, navigation system, labelling historical structures or creating [...]

  • Engine Room Europe

    Thanks to a grant from the EC Culture Programme, the network Trans Europe Halles has been able to set up a three‐year programme (May 2011 – April 2014) of activities dedicated to independent cultural workers and their creative processes. Through Engine Room Europe, TEH is able to offer staff, volunteers and artists opportunities to take [...]

  • Trans Europe Halles is shifting gears on the meeting in Estonia

    Greetings to everybody from Tartu, Estonia, where our representation from Stanica (Marek, Peter, Katka) is taking part on the Trans Europe Halles network meeting (TEH). The program of the meeting includes workshops on the theme “Shifting Gears”, devoted to cultural workers and independent cultural centres. We have discussed visions, dreams and goals, both personal and [...]

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