The Role of Church in Democratic Society
discussion evening of Fedor Blaščák
Thursday 5th February 2015, 6 pm

Sviečková manifestácia

Policajný zásah proti účastníkom Sviečkovej manifestácie v Bratislave 25. marca 1988. Foto:

This topic is actual everytime when a political fight becomes one of the main activities of Church. Everytime in a new historical situation Church is trying to find a way of co-living with actual political reality. We are witnesses of this finding in Slovakia from 1989 as well. Is it possible that we will replace constitutional consensus about the nature of state and respect to human rights by the result of voting in coming referendum? Does democracy endanger freedom in this case? And if it s like this what will we do then?

Daniel Pastirčák - Church Brethren preacher
Miroslav Kocúr - theologian
Marián Kaňuch - protestant priest
The debate will be moderated by Fedor Blaščák.

Events were created as a part of initiative MEMORY KONTROL and they are made thanks to support of Open Society Foundation.

Admission voluntarily.

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