Dialog 20-40-60
Tuesday 13. 11. 2012, 7pm

Dialóg 20-40-60Sonde into emotional relations of a man and a woman of different age. Analysis of love and marriage of those who are just entering the life, those on the its top as well as those who are already counting their days. Experimental film consisting of three stories by three directors. The only common element is the same dialog whose form is always totally different. In the first tale by Jerzy Skolimowski, we encounter fanatically adored rock star who, at home - in his strange flat - suffers of an awkward relation to his wife; the second story (Peter Solan) is about content middle-aged couple. The third tale is directed by Zbyněk Brynych – an old man adores an actress from the poster and his life goal is to see her performance.

Dialog 20-40-60 – Jerzy Skolimowski, Peter Solan, Zdeněk Brynych / ČSSR / 1968 / 78 min

idea: Tibor Vichta
story: Jerzy Skolimowski, Peter Solan, Zdeněk Brynych
director of photography: Andrzej Kostenko (20), Vincent Rosinec (40), Jozef Vaniš (60)
music: Braňo Hronec
edit: Stanislava Jendraššáková (20), Maximilián Remeň (40), Miroslav Hájek (60)
sound: Jaroslav Plavec (20, 40), Ladislav Hausdorf (60)
starring: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Joanna Szczerbicová, Jiří Vŕšťala, Viera Strnisková, Jiří Holý, Jozef Króner, Ljuba Hermanová, Zuzana Kocúriková


Entry: 3.00 / 2.00 € (adults / students)

podpora: MK SR, Nadácia Intenda, Visegrad Fund

support: MK SR, Nadácia Intenda, Visegrad Fund

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