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  • The Shining
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 25th August 2015, 8.30 pm

    The Shining is one of the most controversial pieces of Stanley Kubrick which was nominated for cinematic Rapsberry for the worst directing in the year of its creation. However Kubrick´s horror belongs to the best of its kind recently. An intimate story about an appearance of lunacy in the head of writer and hotel manager [...]

  • L’illusionniste
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 18th August 2015, 8.30 pm

    This animated movie was created according to an unrealised screenplay of french actor and director Jacques Tati from 1956. Tati dedicated this screenplay to his oldest daughter and he retells a story of an aging illusionist who pilgrims with his art from one village to another one. One day he meets a young admirer of [...]

  • Les Amours Imaginaires
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 11th August 2015, 8.30 pm

    Francis and Marie are close friends. One day they meet Nicolas, a youngster from the countryside who just came to the city. One catastrophic meeting is following the other. Regardless if it happens in reality or just in the fantasy, no meeting is nice and Francis as well as Marie are obsessed by this guy. [...]

  • Biutiful
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 4th August 2015, 8:30 pm

    Uxbal is a former drug addict, a conflict type who tries to find reconciliation with his fatherhood, love, spirituality, crime, guilt and mortality. He is surrounded by dangerous underworld of modern Barcelona. His job is illegal and victims, who he is willing to sacrifice for his kids, are without any limits. Uxbal has just two [...]

  • Memento
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 28th July 2015, 9 pm

    It starts with a photography and a message on it: “Kill him!” Leonard´s wife was killed and he doesn´t remember anything. His short-term memory dissapeared. He lost his past, presence exists just in 120 seconds and future is just a revenge. To compensate failures of his memory, he takes photos of everything and tatooes his [...]

  • Critters
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 21st July 2015, 9 pm

    Funny american horror movie, which recommends cosmic western, is intentionally made as a black comedy and sometimes it balances on the edge of self-parody. But for the Brown´s family the entartainment is ended up from the beginning. Killing group of meat-eating space beasts appear without any invitation in their farm in Cansas. Brown´s family has [...]

  • The Creation of the World
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 14th July 2015, 9 pm

    In the begining of all the life on Earth there was a dark, God, Hofman and Werich. Although Bible was one of the prohibited books during communism, Czechs were succesful with making its movie version. It is one of the best textbooks of development, not just textbook about religion but the one which is suitable [...]

  • Shutter Island
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 7th July 2015, 9 pm

    Detective Teddy Daniels and his colleague Chuck Aule come to investigate the escape of insane killer Rachel Solando to acursed island Shutter. She escaped from her prison cell in psychiatric hospital Ashecliffe and she is hiding succesfully somewhere. The year is 1954 and America still suffers from the aftermaths of WW2 and lives in paranoia [...]

  • Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
    summer cinema
    Tuesday 30th June 2015, 9 pm

    Story of their strange relationship began in 1791 in New Orleans, when eternal vampire Lestat helped to overcome the sensitive and attractive young man Louis human suffering. But Louis didnt know that the eternal life in never ending night is a worse curse than any human suffering.
    Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles – [...]

  • Clouds of Sils Maria
    Tuesday 16th June 2015, 5 and 8 pm

    Film critic and director Olivier Assayas examines a rich and enigmatic world of women dominated by great but in character different actresses of different generations – Juliette Binoche, Kristin Stewart and Grace Moretz in the movie Clouds of Sils Maria. Film, which was nominated for Palme D´Or in Cannes in 2014, is an hommage [...]

  • Samba
    Tuesday 9th June 2015, 5 and 8 pm

    Samba moved to France from Senegal 10 years ago. He works illegally in different jobs and he hopes that he will receive permanent residence permit soon. His grim routine is changed when he meets Alice – manager who suffers burnout syndrome and she tries to make her life working back again by being a volunteer. [...]

  • Suri
    Tuesday 2nd June 2015, 5 and 8 pm

    We are getting to know a tribe called Suri which decided to fight for keeping their traditions and original way of life in the movie. The film reflects on their future and disappearing of unique cultures as well as on the need of human diversity which is necessary for survival of our civilization.
    Suri – Pavol [...]

  • Bucuresti, unde esti?
    projection / KineDok
    Sunday 31st May 2015, 7 pm

    23 years after romanian revolution people are again in the streets of Bucharest to reform public space. During one year Vlad Petri follows their stories, from the beginnning of protest till the final referendum against president.
    Bucuresti, unde esti? – Vlad Petri / Romania / 2013 / 76 min / slovak subtitles
    cut: Gabi Basalici
    sound: Vlad Voinescu

    Admission: [...]

  • Návrat do horiaceho domu
    author projection
    Tuesday 26th May 2015, 5 pm and 8 pm

    Chaviva Reicková was a hero of Slovak National Uprising, member of british service, activist and passionate sionist – attractive personality who can inspire still today. Is it worthy to exchange love and family for heroe acts?
    Návrat do horiaceho domu – Anna Grusková / SR / 2014 / 70 min
    screenplay: Anna Grusková
    camera: Ivo Miko
    cut: Jakub Fišer
    sound: [...]

  • The Duke of Burgundy
    Tuesday 19th May 2015, 5 and 8 pm

    The newest cinephile delicacy of british director P. Strickland. It is characterised by suggestive erotic atmosphere, significant music element and references to sexual movies of 60ties and 70ties. A Collector of butterflies Cynthia with lover Evelyn live in noble decaying residence and in their eccentric world they like to play sadomasochists games.
    The Duke of Burgundy [...]

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