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  • Whisky traveler cinema:
    Laos and remote areas of Thailand
    Tuesday 29. 1. 2013, 8 pm

    A singer from the band Free Europe after many years of traveling in remote corners of five continents, will show to society secrets of his experiences and photos from the trips. Tour in the distant areas of Thailand, where he made over 3,000 km by bike, the border with Burma and Malaysia, the tribe [...]

  • A Night Too Young (Olmo Omerzu)
    Tuesday 4. 12. 2012, 7pm

    Story of two twelve-year old boys who accidentaly appear in an awkward company of a young woman and two adult man during New Year’s eve celebration. Kids experience their first affairs with love and sexuality, they get lost in time and cease to realize their families and maybe police are searching for them, already. This [...]

  • Dialog 20-40-60
    Tuesday 13. 11. 2012, 7pm

    Sonde into emotional relations of a man and a woman of different age. Analysis of love and marriage of those who are just entering the life, those on the its top as well as those who are already counting their days. Experimental film consisting of three stories by three directors. The only common element is [...]

  • Peter Konečný: Banned ads
    commented projection
    Tuesday 6. 11. 2012, 7pm

    „Unapropriate“ elements are often considered to be things like erotics, violence, rasism and they are not present only in the movies but in advertisements as well. There are many spots you have never chance to watch in the tv broadcast but we will give you this possibility.
    Entry: 3.00 / 2.00 € (adults / students)

  • The Mole (Rafael Lewandowski)
    Friday 16. 10. 2012, 7pm

    Pred minulosťou neunikneš!
    Pawel, recently celebrated his 30’s, lives with his father Zygmund. They import second-hand goods from the north of France to the south of Poland. During one of the “business” trips, Pawel is shocked by photographies of his father on the cover of Polish tabloid. The title next to his name says “traitor”. Zygmund, [...]

  • Dreams of Periphery – film in Žilina
    screening, discussion
    Thursday 11. 10. 2012, 7pm

    Is Žilina periphery for creators? If so, is periphery, its themes and possibilities a paradise for independant or commercial production? Analysing evening with films and guests will guide us from the beginning of Žilina professional cinematography, the golden age up to present diversity of creators, approaches and technologies.
    Author film projection will be connected with discussion [...]

  • Whisky´s travel cinema: South America
    Tuesday 11. September 2012, 7pm

    The singer from Slobodná Európa is, after long years of travelling through remote corners of five continents, pulling out his experiences and photos from his adventures. Crossing Andas from Bolivia to Chile, when it was minus 27°C in a room, Bolivian coca plantations, roads blocked by rebels, because of who Whisky had to travel from [...]

  • Whisky´s travel cinema: Indonesia and Philippines
    Tuesday 5. June 2012, 7pm

    Whisky, the singer from the band Slobodna Europa decided after many years of travelling to remote corners of five continents, to present his adventures and photos from numerous expeditions to the world. He visited 53 countries, in which he always headed for the outfields with attractive natural sceneries, intact native ethnical groups and cultures, without [...]

  • Fimfarum – The Third Time Lucky
    film projection for children and parents
    Saturday 26 May 2012, 4pm

    Fim-fá-rum 3-1D is a magic formula that will transform May children Saturdays theatre performances into the cinema. The movie is an adaptation of well-known Czech classic and the third sequel of a trilogy that was being created during past decade inspired by great fairytale book Fimfárum by Jan Werich. The last part was produced in [...]

  • One world festival films: The Red Chapel
    Tuesday 15. May 2012, 7pm

    A journalist with no barriers, a man suffering from pulsy and a comedian travel together to North Korea with the aim to provoke laughter in conditions of one of the harshest regimes. Under the excuse of being a small theatre group from Denmark on an exchange, the Red Chapel was granted permission to enter in [...]

  • Peter Konečný:
    Amazing subtitle sequences - how to grip a viewer?
    commented projection
    Tuesday 8. May 2012, 7pm, S2

    Film subtitles are the part of cinematography practically from its very beginnings and not only in the informational way, but also in artistic meaning. Subtitles do not tell only austere facts, but semantic, emotional and characteristic properties. During the film evening, Peter Konečný, chief editor of the film portal kinema.sk, will look at film captions [...]

  • Ultimum Refugium (Ondřej Vavrečka)
    author´s projection
    Tuesday 3 April, 7pm

    Projection of a documentary comedy by Ondřej Vavrečka with his presence. The End, Finiteness and Death are the main themes here. And since Ultimum Refugium means “last refuge” in latin, the film is a place where the meaning and way of life, which can respond on finiteness and death accordingly, is wanted. Through a panorama [...]

  • Muži revolúcie / Men of the Revolution (Zuzana Piussi)
    Tuesday 27 March 2012, 7pm

    The newest movie of Slovak documentarist Zuzana Piussi is a mosaic of subjective perspectives of former revolutionaires – direct participants and and faces of the Velvet revolution. Piussi decided to explore the memories of men who played significant roles in the new history of our country through their personal point of view at the events [...]

  • Photo: Pacientarium: ŠTB Hunter

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Pacientarium: ŠTB Hunter
    theatre performance
    Wednesday 21 March 2012, 7pm

    Multimedia-theatre akcion 3D thriller, where the hunter of State Security Service agents (ŠTB) rids the planet of red invasion.
    “Yesterday we thought, that they weren’t among us.
    Today, they want to master every living being.
    They use terror, fear and brainwash, as a weapon.
    Values, they destroy can be saved by one man only.
    The Mission: get rid of [...]

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