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  • The Story of Film: An Odyssey
    documentary cycle about cinematography history
    every Tuesday at 5pm

    Start at October 1, all the film lovers who are looking for more knowledge about the development and history of cinematography. Every Tuesday at 5pm, we are screening one of 15 episodes of documentary cycle The Story of Film: An Odyssey (direction, script, cinematography, author Mark Cousins).Each part researches one historical period or a decade [...]

  • Video: On the white wing (documentary by Peter Pikna)

    Stanica has got a new piano and also a documentary from its inaugural concert! A restored white grand piano by the Rösler make from 1993 was baptized by well-known Slovak pianists and composers: Jordana Palovičová, Ivan Šiller, Kamil Mihalov, Peter Zagar, Branislav Malatinský, Jaroslava Šimerková, Martin Jurčo and others, see them in the documentary film [...]

  • Movies from One World festival:
    Cigarettes and Songs
    Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 7pm

    Music project AfterPhurikane Gila is based on the anthropological investigation in Roma settlements in Slovakia, where Jana Belisova collected hundreds of old Roma songs. After this research she organized a workshop where six talented Roma singers met with three professional musicians and tried to make music together. And so powerful multicultural project started. Documentary film [...]

  • One World Festival films:
    I wanna be Boss
    Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 7pm

    The main characters in film “The smartest children of China” are five students who are in the last year of secondary school based in the Chinese city of Conking. It is the year, in which their future is at stake. Will they succeed in being accepted at one of the most prestigious universities in the [...]

  • Video: Documentary of S2 construction

    The spring arrived and our new venue S2 (we are still searching the sponsor for heating) will open again - on Friday April 1 will be the first performance by SkRAT Theatre from Bratislava (in Slovak only). After one and half year we have finished also the film about S2, you can watch it here. [...]

  • Film club One World: A Place without People
    Tuesday, March 22, 2011, 7pm

    The Tanzaninan National Park Serengeti is considered to be a model for human care for the wildlife. However, native people are not allowed to trespass it. Why? Said with a bit of irony, Masayans would prevent the tourists from seeing elephants. Animal hunt is strictly forbidden while tourists, for a fee, can hunt for anything. [...]

  • One World – Films without cover
    International documentary film festival
    Wednesday – Sunday, January 26.-30, 2011

    This year’s documentary film festival presents films without a cover, heroes without masks. Heroes in its films are made of flesh and bones, and so they are very vulnerable – they are not protected by make-up, nor silicones, nor trojans. In documentaries about human rights, global problems, ecology and clash of cultures, they tell [...]

  • One World in Stanica - films in English and trailers

    There were several requests from your side with the question, which films from the program of One World documentary film festival that will take place in Stanica from Wednesday 26th until Sunday 30th January 2011 are friendly to foreigners = in English or with English subtitles. So here they are together with trailers. You are [...]

  • One World for schools
    Monday – Thursday, January 24-27
    Tuesday – Friday, February 1-4, 2011

    Documentaries about human rights, global problems, ecology and clash of cultures aimed for secondary school students and pupils in elementary schools. Documentaries add up to the topics of Civics, History and Geography. They are all preceded by introduction from professionals and followed by discussions with students. Screenings are free of charge and take place in [...]

  • What is going to come in 2011?

    Some of the confirmed and planned events and projects that will take place in Stanica in 2011:
    Selection of the best documentaries from One World festival (January), Literature Night (May 11), Fest Anča - international animation film festival (July 1 - 3), KioSK - independent Slovak theatre and dance (July 28 - 30), Kinobus - research [...]

  • The Tales of Stanica
    Festive premiere of films and DVD presentation
    Monday, December 20, 4pm

    Sea in a kitchen sink, fish learning to fly, bee doing the laundry and cow grazing in Hliny, Žilina? These are only few motifs from our fictious and realistic film tales – feel free to come to see the rest!
    Between 2007-2010, an animated documentary The Tales of Stanice on the history of Stanica Žilina-Záriečie was made. [...]

  • Memory Kontrol:
    Victims and Heroes (1939 – 1945)
    festival, November 18-20, 2010

    Memory Kontrol is an intellectual workshop and festival which reflects some selected events from the recent (Czecho)Slovak history. It unites historians-theoreticians and artistic events. Last years, we were focusing on 1968 and 1989 events. This time, the focus is on Victims and heroes from World War II – The Jews deported from the Slovak national [...]

  • Sahraa Karimi – Afghan Women behind the Wheel
    screening, Thursday 30. 9. 2010, 19.00

    Authorial projection (Stanica_LAB)
    Documentary screening, which deals with (im)possibility of woman in Asian culture to have the right to drive a car – taken for granted in our cultural context. Our opinion of the country we live in – where human rights are no trouble – will be seen in different light.

    A young Afghan director Sahraa [...]

  • Out of the Game
    premiere of documentary film by Jaro Vojtek
    Thursday 2. 9. 2010, 19.00

    You are welcome, the day before Kinobus, to see in premiere the new documentary film by Jaro Vojtek. After the (on festivals) successful film We are Here and Border he is coming with socially focused film Out of the Game. The main character Fero is living on the periphery of the society and the film [...]

  • The audience of One World contributed 400 € to charity fund for Haiti

    Total of 395,13 € was the result of contribution of spectators of One World documentary film festival in Stanica that tooks place from 27 to 31 January 2010. We decided to send all the money from ticket sale to the charity account of People in Peril NGO. This organisation is already having rebuilding activities in [...]

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