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  • Creation of creature
    family workshop and intro for evening cinema
    Tuesday 14th July 2015, 7 pm

    Kids will surely appreciate if you will take them for couple of times to evening summer cinema. For this purpose we chose a multigeneration title The Creation of the World. The movie will be accompanied by workshop (workshop will precede the movie). Workshop will be led by our volunteer Iuri from Georgia, who is an [...]

  • Fest Anča 2015
    international festival of animated movies
    Wednesday – Sunday, 24th – 28th June 2015

    Stanica will be the main scene of international festival of animated movies Fest Anča for the 8th year. It is the only slovak festival which brings short as well as feature animated films for adult spectator and for kids as well. You can see the actual hits e.g. Oscar nominated animation movie Song of the [...]

  • Best of Fest Anča 2014
    Thursday 14th May 2015, 7 pm

    We are meeting somewhere between the last and following year of the most popular Stanica´s festival Fest Anča. You will see the last year winning movies and you can meet the organizers as well as Veronika Kocourková, an author of one of the winning movies. We will present hits of this year festival and you [...]

  • Cinema Kukadlo: Animated films from Zlín
    interactiv screening and workshop for kids
    Saturday 17th January 2015, 3 pm

    Commented projection of short animated movies from the production of Tomáš Baťa University students which is followed by family workshop of animated film.
    Movies are convenient for kids from 5 years of age.
    Admission: 3,00 € projection, 5,00 € projection + workshop
    Admission is payed according to number of kids in the family.
    Reservation of tickets: rezervacie@stanica.sk, 0948 [...]

  • Kino Kukadlo: Mimi a Líza
    interactive projection for children
    Saturday 22. 3. 2014, 4.00pm

    Our new children “Kino Kukadlo” will begin with two good friends Mimi and Líza from so-called new Slovak television fairytale by director Katka Kerekesová. Besides watching the first half of the series, you will get to know various information from the background of making of animatied movies.
    Interactive part of the projection is suitable for the [...]

  • Fest Anča on the run
    Wednesday 12. 3. 2014, 7.00pm

    Somewhere between previous and following annual of the most popular Stanica festival, we are meeting to enclose the past and show the future. You will watch 2013 winning films presented by their directors Ana Nedeljković and Nikola Majdak. We will introduce you hits of following summer and you will have a chance to play and [...]

  • Fest Anča 2013
    international animation festival
    Thursday - Sunday, 27. – 30. 6. 2013

    Žilina will again become „mecca“ of animation. From 27. to 30. June 2013 we will celebrate the beginning of the holiday season in the company of great animations, animators, musicians and other interesting people on International animation festival Fest Anča.
    Traditionally, main events will run on Stanica, where visitors can spread their tents on the [...]

  • Fest Anča fičí
    Tuesday 7. 5. 2013, 19.00

    Did you know that Simpsons are coming to Fest Anča? How many films have applied and how many of them progressed to the competition? Who will be in the jury this year? In the warm-up of the biggest Slovak animation festival you will see winning films from last year, you will learn more about this [...]

  • Big Fest Anča photoset including the winning film

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková
    Sleepincord / Snępowina
    Marta Pajek / Poland / 2011

  • Fest Anča 2012
    international animated film festival
    Thursday - Sunday, 28. June - 1. July 2012

    The end of school year and the beginning of the summer needs a celebration - a decent entertainment in selected society of stunning animations, animators, and other related-personalities and delicacies is yearly (this time for the fifth) offered by IAFF Fest Anča. As always, the main events will be held at Stanica, where visitors can [...]

  • How folklor is animated

    This week at stanica Žilina-Záriečie, a film symposium Animated Film-Mix took place (od 15.8 do 19.8). On Monday, we made sketches for our little movies (which will be connected into one in the end of the week) for a topic: Contemporary Children Folklore. It can be horror, parody, rhyme.. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we prepared [...]

  • Fest Anča 2011 - winning films

    International animation film festival Fest Anča knows the winners. More than 300 films were screened in Žilina for hundreds people in audience during the past weekend. The screening were not only in Stanica but also in Municipal Theatre and City Cinemas in Mirage shopping centre. On the final ceremony on Sunday July 3, 2011, the [...]

  • Short animation movies from our art school


  • School visits at Stanica 2010/2011 - more and more often

    One of the results: short animation movie of 6.A class from Dubnica nad Váhom, made in few hours of workshop at Stanica..

  • Fest Anča 2011
    International animation festival
    Friday – Sunday, July 1-3, 2011

    Fourth edition of international festival Fest Anča will take place earlier this year. Festival audience will have a chance to see lots of animated films from all over the world for the first time in Slovakia. Film with Oscar nominations, BAFTA winners and nominations, Venice and Berlin festival and other. Apart from Stanica, screenings will take [...]

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