Fest Anča 2012
international animated film festival
Thursday - Sunday, 28. June - 1. July 2012

Fest Anča 2012The end of school year and the beginning of the summer needs a celebration - a decent entertainment in selected society of stunning animations, animators, and other related-personalities and delicacies is yearly (this time for the fifth) offered by IAFF Fest Anča. As always, the main events will be held at Stanica, where visitors can build tents very near to projections, workshops, live gigs, Animation Karaoke Battle and the whole multimedia program itself. Featured 35mm films will be screened at Ster Century Cinemas cinema, competitive shorts and videoclips in City theatre Žilina.

The archive of Anča will offer Stvorenie sveta, an animated featured cartoon by czech director Eduard Hofman and french artist Jean Effel, with the voice of Jan Werich. We cannot omit Alois Nebel, nor the new featured movie Mŕtvy, ale nepochovaný (Dead But Not Burried), with which Phil Mulloy won the main prize in one of the most prestigious festivals in Ottawa. Apart from plent of new acclaimed movies (Cartoon d’Or included), we are looking forward for horror section or selection from swiss cartoons.

The concert of the band WWW is undobtedly a temptation as well. The band was formed even before the rise of Internet, and defined hip-hop in Czech republic. Musically and lyrically, they are one of the most progressive acts on the scene.

The complete programme can be found on the festival website www.festanca.sk.

Pre-sale of permanent ticket: 20,00 / 18,00 € (adults / students) till 31. May, then 22,00 / 20,00 € through www.tixy.sk
Permanent on place: 24,00 / 22,00 €

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  1. A ak by chcel niekto prist len na WWW ? nespravite také pásky, alebo niečo ?

  2. Stanica je len spoluorganizátor a o takýchto veciach rozhoduje Fest Anča. Je to festival a tak platia len festivalové vstupenky (na celý festival alebo na jeden deň). Rovnako, ako keby ste chceli na Pohode vidieť iba jeden koncert… Riešime to ale ešte s organizátormi a možno sa podarí nájsť nejaký kompromis v štýle večerného lístka, budeme informovať zajtra. Marek Adamov

  3. Ahoj Lolo. Platí to, čo písal včera Marek. V predaji sú len festivalové permanentky a jednodňové lístky. Sólo vstupenky na jednotlivé bloky, resp. koncerty sa predávať nebudú. Po polnoci bude možné si kúpiť špeciálny párty-lístok za 5,00 €. Peter

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