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  • Carnival: Born to Be Wild
    Saturday 12. 3. 2016, 8pm

    Are you born in the wild or do you want to go into the wild? It does not matter how you get there, by motorcycle or on a hippo. Just grap your coconuts and give this party a shot, ramppampampam.
    All your fellows are welcome, it’s for free but wild costume is a must!
    March carnival [...]

  • Vladimir 518 + live band
    Pjoni x Ink Midget (b2b dj set)
    Friday 19th June 2015, 9 pm

    There are not many concerts like this during the year. Cult person of prague scene Vladimir 518 with live band will perform for the first time in Žilina. And afterparty will be made by Pjoni & Ink Midget.
    One doesn´t have to think over a lot to remind a huge scale of Vladimir´s hits. Code 518 [...]

  • KlubBít feat. Mišek & Koďas
    funks, souls and discos from Czechoslovak era
    Friday 1st May 2015, 9 pm

    Memories of Czechoslovak music usually degenerate to tasteless soc-pops, infantile kids songs or Michal David´s creation. But why should we listen to the worst of it?
    Who would say that Karel Černoch did an album of great soul music in 70s or that Marie Rottrová with band Plameňáci produced songs which will be good enough for [...]

  • Volunteers Carneval: Disasters
    Saturday 25th April 2015, 8 pm

    Tsunami, capitalism, Miley Cyrus, lunacy, traffic jam, hangover. Are you asking what these words have in common? All of them can be considered as disasters from certain point of view and disasters are the topic of this year Stanica EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers carneval. We dont invite just EVS volunteers from whole Slovakia but [...]

  • Native – Dj 08 & Cornell
    listening evening
    Friday 17th April 2015, 10 pm

    Sound paintings, which will be created by talented singers Katarzia and Tante Elze, wont dissapear after their concert in the silent venue. Music which will be played after 22:00 in the bar will be unusual, interesting, vapourish and playful as well. DJs Richard „08“ Fábry and Miloš Cornell will do a listening evening from listening [...]

  • DogEatDocs
    celebration of 5th anniversary NGO DogDocs
    Friday 10th April 2015, 7 pm

    Movie association DogDocs celebrates 5th anniversary. Documentaries, hotdogs, great music of DJ Seven Minutes, even better people and a surprise. They found NGO at Stanica, at Stanica they will celebrate.
    DogDocs is a hunter of social and culture topics, it transforms them into a form of documentaries These documenteries are then spreaded between perceptive and critical [...]

  • Disjockeyové
    Friday 13th March 2015, 9 pm

    Crazy party of two DJs - DJ Martin (Petr / Midi Lidi) + DJ Mirka (Johana / Kazety) who besides crazy music mix pump up the dance floor with their excentric dance creations. The motto of this party is „We play as you dance!“
    Admission: 2,00 €

  • Children Ball
    afternoon for families with kids
    Saturday 14th February 2015, 3 pm – 6 pm

    Ball season will culminate by hillarious children ball dedicated to all who feel like dancing for whole afternoon. You can come dressed in ball, carnival or fancy dress but you can also use the services of our make-up room.
    Admission: 3,00 € / kid
    Reservation of tickets: rezervacie@stanica.sk, 0948 344 606

  • Tepláreň: Djs Whyme, Vesnu
    queer party
    Friday 30th January 2015, 10 pm

    Queer party Tepláreň will take place in Žilina again, this time as a part of festival One World. At the time of culminating media battle about the family rights we invite all LGBTI people, their real families and friends to celebrate their political position about the basic right for a life and entertainment in apolitical [...]

  • Stereodisco 15
    Friday 12th December 2014, 8 pm

    Verified by thousands of parties, weathered by wind, hard-bitten by clubs and still sparkling with new ideas. That’s the DJ group Stereodisco which celebrates fifteen years of their existence! You can enjoy Stereodisco in their full lenghts – Aďo Čapek, Jenal, Dušo Dash, Miloš Cornell and Michal Mishek will play old grooves, funk, house, jazzy [...]

  • Pohoda at Stanica: film, discussion and concert Lola Marsh
    evening with festival Bažant Pohoda
    Thursday 11th December 2014, 7 pm

    Lets relieve the atmosphere of the last summer and tune yourself to next year festival. You will see the documentary dokument Pohoda 2014 directed by Petra Šelichová and following discussion with movie director and Michal Kaščák. The evening will be finished by concert of Israeli band Lola Marsh, revelation of this year Pohoda. Indie-folk project [...]

  • Tepláreň: djs Embryo, Motherson, Vesnu
    queer party
    Friday 28th November 2014, 8 pm

    The biggest Slovak queer party in Bratislava celebrated three years anniversary, thousands of people visited this event and many foreign Djs came to play there. You can visit Tepláreň also in Košice from April this year and the reviews are very positive as well. For the first time fans of queer scene and good house [...]

  • ajlávmjuzik najt: djs Biomat, 3CK, Petijee & MtotheG
    piatok 19. 9. 2014, 20.00

    ajlávmjuzik najt heads North. The music selection during the evening will be provided by Biomat, 3CK, Petijee and MtotheG. First two have released common Biotrick which was a milestone in local music scene, at the time. All tracks were made only with the turntables. Later, Biomat released solo album Montáž and 3CK is currently working [...]

  • Club Mate Open Air party
    Sunday 16. 8. 2014, 2.00pm – 10.00pm

    Good party doesn’t have to be only night issue. Club Mate will convince you about that! We invite you to the day party, where Club Mate will present 5 different supported segments - sport, art, music, gastronomy, fashion. Several DJs will supply good atmosphere, decorations will be prepared, possibility to colourfully put the finishing touches [...]

  • DJ Vec & Martin Valihora, Zapaska (UA), DJ Milan 105 kg Krajčí
    Concert and afterparty
    Friday 9. 5. 2014, 20.00

    Join us for a concert headlining the new collaborative effort of DJ Vec and drummer Martin Valihora. The Slovak power duo has teamed up to create a new sound featuring freestyle, turntables, samples by Vec and Valihora’s live beats.
    Before Vec and Valihora hit the stage, join us for an opening set from Zapaska. This Ukrainian [...]

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