ajlávmjuzik najt: djs Biomat, 3CK, Petijee & MtotheG
piatok 19. 9. 2014, 20.00

3CKajlávmjuzik najt heads North. The music selection during the evening will be provided by Biomat, 3CK, Petijee and MtotheG. First two have released common Biotrick which was a milestone in local music scene, at the time. All tracks were made only with the turntables. Later, Biomat released solo album Montáž and 3CK is currently working on his one. Prešov-based Petijee has just recently composed music for his debute with raper called Eremen. You can listen to / download / buy all mentioned albums at ajlavmjuzik.com. MtotheG is going to finish the night by his eclectic mashup of traditional Kysuce vocals into contemporary electronics linking to hip hop, local retro evergreens but also Edith Piaf or J Dilla.


Admission: 3.00 / 2.00 € (adults / students)

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