Volunteers Carneval: Disasters
Saturday 25th April 2015, 8 pm

Dobrovoľnícky karnevalTsunami, capitalism, Miley Cyrus, lunacy, traffic jam, hangover. Are you asking what these words have in common? All of them can be considered as disasters from certain point of view and disasters are the topic of this year Stanica EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers carneval. We dont invite just EVS volunteers from whole Slovakia but everybody who wants to dress himself as an arbitrary disaster according to his own choise, conviction and fantasy. Behind the DJ mixpult you will see those who usually sell tickets to you at Stanica. All the weight of the world is trundling to Žilina on 25th April, entry just in costume!

Admission is free but you have to wear a costume. “Costume of yourselve” is not considered as a disaster costume.

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