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  • Program for March 2017 (english version)

    Theater performance
    Theater Non.Grande: Bad gesture

    Bad gesture is author visual production about finding a state that would free us from our own problems and bringing us closer to an ideal image of ourselves. However, we should keep it in mind that it is not really possible to be perfect.
    Tickets: 4.00 / € 2.50 (adults /students)
    4.03, Saturday, [...]

  • “Give me a hard time”
    interview with Nienke, our Dutch volunteer

    Since January, you can meet a new volunteer in Stanica. Her name is Nienke, she is our first Dutch EVS volunteer ever and she is going to stay with us until the end of November. What she is up to and how she feels in Žilina, you can read in an interview we made with [...]

  • Carnival: Born to Be Wild
    Saturday 12. 3. 2016, 8pm

    Are you born in the wild or do you want to go into the wild? It does not matter how you get there, by motorcycle or on a hippo. Just grap your coconuts and give this party a shot, ramppampampam.
    All your fellows are welcome, it’s for free but wild costume is a must!
    March carnival [...]

  • Volunteers Carneval: Disasters
    Saturday 25th April 2015, 8 pm

    Tsunami, capitalism, Miley Cyrus, lunacy, traffic jam, hangover. Are you asking what these words have in common? All of them can be considered as disasters from certain point of view and disasters are the topic of this year Stanica EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers carneval. We dont invite just EVS volunteers from whole Slovakia but [...]

  • Adam, our volunteer in Bulgaria

    Last week, we were happy to send our volunteer and friend Adam to one-year volunteer residency in Bulgaria. From now on, he will spent twelve months helping with organization of cultural events, he will create programme for kids, manage the website, make photo documentation and develop other various creative activities in Razlichniat pogled (Различният поглед) [...]

  • Animal carneval
    Saturday 25. 1. 2014, 8pm

    Hens, cows, dogs, bears, flies, snakes, elephants and all other creatures from the animal world are warmly welcome to a carneval party which is organized by our foreign volunteers hosted through European Voluntary Service.

    Admission by donation, the costume is obligatory.

  • Linocut Workshop
    Tuesday 12. 11. 2013, 6pm

    Short workshop where you can try this traditional printing and graphic technique. Learn how to engrave your own matrix and print the imprints.
    The workshop lecturer is Algis Kaveckis (Lt), currently volunteering in Stanica through European Voluntary Service within Youth in Action EU programme.

    Entry: 4.00 €
    Info and reservations: algis@stanica.sk

  • DIY: Pinhole Workshop
    Sunday 10. 11. 2013, 4pm

    Explore alternative ways of photography! Build your own camera from matchbox, pinhole camera is one of the simpliest and oldest types of photo cameras. It is also one of the most interesting tools for experimenting with image with no digital adjustments.
    The workshop lecturer is Algis Kaveckis (Lt), currently volunteering in Stanica through European Voluntary Service [...]

  • Meet Mats, our volunteer from Norway

    After Algis, we would like to introduce you one second Northern volunteer who came to Stanica a month ago. Mats Blakstad from Norway - little guy with big idea in his head…
    - - -
    My name is Mats Blakstad and I’m from Kristiansand (southern Norway). I just arrived at Stanica and will stay here for one [...]

  • Meet Algis, our new EVS volunteer

    Also in 2013/14 we keep on hosting the volunteers who come from abroad to help us in daily work at Stanica and at the same time they learn something new. Nežka, Vinciane and Natalie have already returned back to their home countries and from this september, you have a chance to meet our new volunteers [...]

  • Raw Vegan Sunday
    Sunday 25. 8. 2013, 17.00

    August vegan Sunday will be “Raw”. So expect no cooking this time, but for sure, you will not leave hungry. Raw food is very rich in vitamins, because they are not lost during the cooking process. Many dips, sweeties, smoothies but also main courses can be made in this way. Also, it is easily digested, [...]

  • Ceramics symposium
    a trip and a workshop (not only) for children
    Monday - Friday, 12. – 16. 8. 2013
    Nový dvor v Brhlovciach

    Symposium in August will take children for a trip. Participants will be able to discover traditional techniques of ceramics and pottery in the rural area of southern Slovakia in municipality of Brhlovce in the district of Levice. There is an active NGO Nový dvor, which is working on art-craft education and on the reconstruction of [...]

  • Fruit Vegan Sunday
    Sunday 21. 7. 2013, 17.00

    Who wouldn´t like fruit? This topic really suits the summer heats. Of course, there are lots of meals besides traditional salads to make (such as indian chutney) and there must be some cakes as well. This might be a little challenge for us, since main courses made of fruit are not very traditional for our [...]

  • Spring Vegan Sunday
    Sunday 16. 6. 2013, 17.00, Ekocentrum Lesopark

    The next vegan sunday is going to be a bit different, because it is going to take place in a brand new Ecological centre (Ekocentrum) in Lesopark behind “Palova Búda”. This time we decided to call it a spring one (which is maybe quite late, but we don´t care), so you can look forward to [...]

  • Get out to Europe
    information seminar
    Thursday 23. 5. 2013, 17.00

    Stanica would not exist without volunteers. Without locals, as well as foreign ones. The last ones are coming to us under program European voluntary service (EVS). If you are interested in traveling abroad and help as volunteer in some among many non-profit organisations (culture, social work, ecology…), come and listen to the stories of young [...]

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