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  • Carnival: Born to Be Wild
    Saturday 12. 3. 2016, 8pm

    Are you born in the wild or do you want to go into the wild? It does not matter how you get there, by motorcycle or on a hippo. Just grap your coconuts and give this party a shot, ramppampampam.
    All your fellows are welcome, it’s for free but wild costume is a must!
    March carnival [...]

  • Volunteers Carneval: Disasters
    Saturday 25th April 2015, 8 pm

    Tsunami, capitalism, Miley Cyrus, lunacy, traffic jam, hangover. Are you asking what these words have in common? All of them can be considered as disasters from certain point of view and disasters are the topic of this year Stanica EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers carneval. We dont invite just EVS volunteers from whole Slovakia but [...]

  • Animal carneval
    Saturday 25. 1. 2014, 8pm

    Hens, cows, dogs, bears, flies, snakes, elephants and all other creatures from the animal world are warmly welcome to a carneval party which is organized by our foreign volunteers hosted through European Voluntary Service.

    Admission by donation, the costume is obligatory.

  • EVS karneval: Hippies versus Hipsters
    Saturday 9. 2. 2013, 20.00

    For the third edition of the EVS volunteer carnival in Stanica (event organized by EVS for EVS) the theme is hippies vs. hipsters. Volunteers (= young people from the EU countries hosted in Slovakia within the European Voluntary Service program) from all over Slovakia will arrive to Zilina to take part to this party. Everybody [...]

  • Carnival of celebrities
    EVS volunteer party
    Saturday 11 February 2012, 8pm

    After four years you can once again mask yourselves and participate in volunteer carnival (volunteers = young people from the EU countries operating in Slovakia within European Voluntary Service program). Many of them will arrive to Žilina especially for this carnival from all over Slovakia. You can come even you’re not a volunteer. The only [...]

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