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  • DJ Milan 105 kg Krajčí
    Guru club memories party
    Saturday 12. 4. 2014, 20.00

    Guru clubland in Žilina was a cult venue of a whole generation in Žilina, its resident DJ Milan 105 kg Krajčí haven’t played here since the closure of the club. He is still active in the Czech and Moravian club scene and works for the radio RockMax Zlín. You are welcomed to experience his vibes [...]

  • Pidiples
    celebartion for parents with children
    Monday 17. 2. 2014, 3.00pm - 6.00pm

    Amusing and joyful feast in style of “kid rokoko”. The programme is composed for kids in preschool age and young schoolers. Children and parents can come with or without costumes.
    Admission: 3.00 € / child, ticket reservations: 0907 178 756, hanka@stanica.sk

  • Animal carneval
    Saturday 25. 1. 2014, 8pm

    Hens, cows, dogs, bears, flies, snakes, elephants and all other creatures from the animal world are warmly welcome to a carneval party which is organized by our foreign volunteers hosted through European Voluntary Service.

    Admission by donation, the costume is obligatory.

  • Stereodisco 14
    Friday 22. 11. 2013, 8pm

    The oldest Žilina dj group Stereodisco – temporarily renamed to Association of musical healers, is preparing their birthday party again. They are going to spin only the best of the best records, add superb sound and maybe also some midnight snacks. Musical rehabilitation will broadcast funk, old grooves, house and itchy drum’n’bass. Behind the turntables, [...]

  • Stanica One Zero – Family Album
    Friday 27. 9. 2013, 4pm - 10pm

    Year 2003, end of September: during three days, a special train departures from Žilina main railway station with more than hundred passengers. Ride to Stanica Žilina-Záriečie lasts only two minutes and the people hop off the train. From that moment, we are all here. Of course, we go to job, home to sleep, to see [...]

  • Pódium #3: (Vý)stredná módna prehliadka (Fashion show)
    Saturday 25. 5. 2013, 18.00, New synagogue

    Medium high evening of young fashion designers: Lenka Sršňová, Miša Bednárová – Puojd, Dana Kleinert, Mária Štraneková, Zlatica Hujbertová. Their work will be presented by models from agency EXIT, directed and choreographed by Roman Maroš.
    It will be followed by small fashion show music with djs from Popular crew (Nu Spirit) and Mishek (Stereodisco).
    Entry: 5,00 / [...]

  • EVS karneval: Hippies versus Hipsters
    Saturday 9. 2. 2013, 20.00

    For the third edition of the EVS volunteer carnival in Stanica (event organized by EVS for EVS) the theme is hippies vs. hipsters. Volunteers (= young people from the EU countries hosted in Slovakia within the European Voluntary Service program) from all over Slovakia will arrive to Zilina to take part to this party. Everybody [...]

  • Restart - Leporelo_FM Night
    Friday 30. 11. 2012, 9pm

    A year passed and Žilina DJ formation called FOUR can celebrate its first anniversary. Restart found its place in Stanica programme, the fanbase grows which drive guys forward. As a guest of fourth and birthday evening, Milos from well-known label Leporelo accepted an invitation. You can listen to his radio show titled also Leporelo_FM every [...]

  • Stereodisco 13
    Friday 19. 10. 2012, 9pm

    13th anniversary of Stereodisco - most veteran dj group of Žilina - formed of Michal Mishek, Miloš Cornell, Dušo Dash, Jenal, Aďo Čapek playing: funk, house, old school groove, electro, drums and maybe also other…
    Entry: 2.00 €

  • MtotheG (ajlávmjuzik) & dj Emilee (emonoizboyz)
    Saturday 6. 10. 2012, 8pm

    Non-formal vernissage and afterparty ending graffiti and streetart symposium Streetart Summit 5na5je10 .
    Entry: 2,00 €

  • Restart #3 Open Air
    Saturday 18. August 2012, 4pm - 3am

    Summer edition of club event, strongly established in this year´s Stanica schedule. Resident members of Four will be supported by Dash from Stereodisco collective and one host - a Miss from Pezinok - Bubble, who will introduce herself by a nice minimal set.
    4pm – 10pm, terrace: Bubble, Dash, Marosh
    10pm - 3am, bar: Grining, Derma
    Admission: 2,00 [...]

  • KioSK 2012
    new slovak theatre and dance festival
    Thursday - Sunday, 26. - 29. July 2012

    Fifth edition of our slovak theatre and dance festival, which merges challenging art and non-formal summer atmosphere. “Festival for bold audience” invites the viewers onto a joint search of new shapes of theatre. The leitmotif for this year´s edition is the theme Actor - dancer - performer in Slovak independent theatre.
    Apart from the main program, [...]

  • Big Fest Anča photoset including the winning film

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková
    Sleepincord / Snępowina
    Marta Pajek / Poland / 2011

  • Fest Anča 2012
    international animated film festival
    Thursday - Sunday, 28. June - 1. July 2012

    The end of school year and the beginning of the summer needs a celebration - a decent entertainment in selected society of stunning animations, animators, and other related-personalities and delicacies is yearly (this time for the fifth) offered by IAFF Fest Anča. As always, the main events will be held at Stanica, where visitors can [...]

  • Restart #2
    Friday 18. May 2012, 9pm

    The DJ quarter Four from Žilina started new series of concept events with clear vision and simple title at the beginning of the year. First Restart party gone well, and now in May, you may enjoy this minimal-techno party night again. This time the complete quartet will perform - Grining, Marosh, Derma a Arab.
    9pm Arab
    10.30pm [...]

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