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  • Fest Anča 2011 coming soon

    International animation film festival Fest Anča will be earlier this year then years before - July 1 - 3. The organisers have already uploaded tickets for sale on
    TIXY.sk. In Stanica and in City Cinemas you will have an opportunity to watch hundreds of animations from all over the world, many of them awarded on previous [...]

  • The Tales of Stanica
    Festive premiere of films and DVD presentation
    Monday, December 20, 4pm

    Sea in a kitchen sink, fish learning to fly, bee doing the laundry and cow grazing in Hliny, Žilina? These are only few motifs from our fictious and realistic film tales – feel free to come to see the rest!
    Between 2007-2010, an animated documentary The Tales of Stanice on the history of Stanica Žilina-Záriečie was made. [...]

  • Video: Fest Anča 2010

    A short video report from the 3rd international animation film festival Fest Anča 2010 will bring you back to beginning of August to Stanica. Many thanks to organizers and all of you who were here and invitation to everybody for the next year!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

  • Fest Anča 2010
    30. 7. - 1. 8. 2010

    The third year of international animation festival Fest Anča is here and you are welcome to join us in Stanica and enjoy the three days of screenings, workshops, concerts and parties. Three cinemas in Stanica (including the renewed S2), open air screenings under Rondel and new spot - Kino Centrum will nearly nonstop screen great [...]

  • Summer children symposiums 2010
    12. - 16. 7. a 26. - 29. 7. 2010

    The summer is coming and it brings a possibility to join the atmosphere of Sumer children symposiums. There are two of them:
    July 12th-16th 2010: The jurney to the space of graphics
    Creative ways of classical and contemporary graphics and using dioramas for the kids from 6 to 12 years old. 4 days of intensive fine art [...]

  • Summer festivals in Stanica
    Theatre Kiosk & Animated Fest Anča

    The summer is soon here and this is the first call to our two festivals. Please, note the dates especially. As you see they are not really of a local kind of small open air beer-teenage-music kind… not at all. Kiosk is focused on independent Slovak drama and dance, but inviting also creators from abroad [...]

  • Young Slovak animation films presented in Poland

    On July 7, 2010, we screened the selection of Young Slovak animation from our Fest Anča festival on an open air festival Slot Art in Polish Lubiaz. Thanks to invitation by Monika Siwiec, young Polish student that spent 6 weeks in Stanica (April-May 2010) on internship with the AIESEC program. Slot Art is her favorite [...]

  • The Borders of Animation
    Thursday, 13. 5. 2010, 19.00

    Projection and presentation of contemporary animated films (Stanica_CLUB)
    Animé comes from Latin, and means “to enliven, to animate“. Animators give life to their imaginations and open possibilities for other notions and characters to come to life within us. The great advantage of animation is that it is not dependent on the laws of nature. This fact [...]

  • Video: Fest Anča 2009

    Dear friends of Fest Anča, look at this! Our friends-organizers of this international festival of animation films made a short documentary from the 2009 edition. See how great was it, who was there …and so and so. And look forward the next edition that will take place again in Stanica end of July/beginning of August [...]

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