The Borders of Animation
Thursday, 13. 5. 2010, 19.00

Projection and presentation of contemporary animated films (Stanica_CLUB)

Animé comes from Latin, and means “to enliven, to animate“. Animators give life to their imaginations and open possibilities for other notions and characters to come to life within us. The great advantage of animation is that it is not dependent on the laws of nature. This fact applies to animation as such – where are its borders, and what it takes to animate? Can contemporary feature films be seen as actors films or animated films? What about 3D? Let’s dive into marginal, and mid-stream settings, in which countours are blurred, even radicalized.


Artistic director of international animated film festival Fest Anča (SK), director of animated film festival PAF Olomouc (CZ), and Tomáš Moravanský will present different views on animation, and put their visions and borders of contemporary animation on projection screen.

Anča fičí

Language version: in Slovak only
Admission: 2,00 €

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