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  • Anasoft litera: Pavel Vilikovský, Peter Juščák
    Ľubo Burgr & Pjoni plays compositions of Ali Ibn Rachid
    authors reading and concert
    Wednesday 19th August 2015, 8 pm

    Authors reading is realized by Stanica and Anasoft litera prize. This time they prepared literature evening with Pavol Vilikovský and Peter Juščák. The moderator of the evening will be Zuzana Grochalová.
    Pavel Vilikovský is the first Slovak writer who gained the prize Anasoft litera twice. First time for collection of short stories Čarovný papagáj a iné gýče [...]

  • The Night of Literature 2015
    Wednesday 13th May 2015, 6 – 10 pm
    different places of Žilina

    Žilina will be a part of international event The Night of Literature for the fifth time, this event is initiated by Czech centres in different european countries. During one evening you will have a possibility to listen to 8 snatches from pieces of contemporary european authors and you will hear those snatches in non traditional [...]

  • Lotz Trio and Silvester Lavrík
    music-literature evening
    Tuesday 8. 10. 2013, 20.00

    Wanderings of Slovak classical period in the music and the literature. Non-traditional concert program, which is an interesting interplay between the music of Juraj Družecký and text of Hugolín Gavlovič. This project is interpretative and author interaction of Lotz Trio and Silvester Lavrík.
    Juraj Družecký
    ~ Divertissement
    Pour Trois Cors de Bassett (cca 1790)
    Hugolín Gavlovič
    ~ Valaská škola mravúv [...]

  • Žilinský literárny festival 2013 (Literature Festival Žilina)
    Sunday – Saturday, 6. – 12. 10. 2013

    Literature Festival Žilina this year celebrates the tenth anniversary. Since reading and playing does not entertain us, we will move around the number and the semantic combinations of the „X”: Roman ten, crossroad, ten commandments, versus, unknown and mysterious things, XXX and other wordplays, that guests and visitors of the festival will think about. We [...]

  • Literature night 2013
    Wednesday 15. 5. 2013, 18.00 – 22.00
    various places throughout Žilina

    The third year of an adventurous night voyage after literature to places, where you would definitely not expect it to appear. An international Literature night, iniciated by Czech centres of various european countries will at this particular night happen simultaneously all around Europe, also in Slovakia.
    The goal of a project is to highlight the importance [...]

  • Alef 0
    discussion evening
    Thursday 28. 2. 2013, 18.00

    Aleph is a point in the space that contains all the other points. Anyone, who looks into it can see everything in the universe, from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping or confusion. … (Borges)
    The first in the cycle of discussion evenings, which will be devoted to the literature, art and new media. Theorists, practitioners [...]

  • Peter Getting: Studne mútne (Muddy Wells)
    Thursday 15. 11. 2012, 6pm, Žilina Artforum

    Spisovateľ o spisovateľoch a o umeleckej kolaborácii. Prednáška spojená s projekciou a živým prednesom Alžbety Vrzgulovej.
    Author essay of writer Peter Getting entitled Studne mútne (Muddy Wells) is about engagement and collaboration of Slovak writers and artists between 1939-1945. It focuses on period production, magazines and books, but also political pieces, poems and public statements, cooperation [...]

  • Žilina Literature Festival 2012
    Wednesday – Saturday, 10. - 13. 10. 2012

    As each year, autumn is bringing Žilina Literature Festival into the town. Ninth time, the visitors will have opportunity to meet well-known names, new books, problematic themes, load of questions, agreable atmosphere, bohemianism as well as simplicity of guests, specific moments of experience. All this will be possible to find on the festival venues, also [...]

  • Photo: projection, concert, workshop, literature, theatre

    Eighty Letters (Václav Kadrnka)

    Musica Falsa et Ficta: More variations on Goldberg

    DIY workshop of pallet chair making

    Writting in the “woman” pattern

    A je to! / Bob´s your uncle!
    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Writting in the “woman” pattern
    literature discussion evening
    Thursday, 24. May 2012, 7pm

    What would one imagine, when he/she hears the word “literature”? All kinds of texts written by all authors throughout the world. And when he/she hears “female writer”? One imagines writting by various female authors simply. But is it right like this? What means “female writting” at all? What kinds of streams in contemporary female-written literature [...]

  • Literature night 2012
    Wednesday 16. May 2012, 6pm - 10pm
    various places throughout Žilina

    For the second time, we´re about to strike off an adventurous night voyage after literature to places, where you would definitely not expect it to appear. An international Literature night, iniciated by Czech centres of various european countries, will at this particular night happen simultaneously in a few cities around Europe, ten slovak cities included.
    A [...]

  • Literature Campus
    Monday - Saturday, October 3-8, 2011

    Interactive poetic and prosaic workshop of creative writing led by Mathej Tomka (supported also by Andrej Šeliga, Saša Gr. and Milan Ondruch). Whole week long meeting of young authors and writers, members of literature clubs in the space of Stanica. Poetry in the streets, live readings in public spaces with the final reading on Friday [...]

  • Žilina Literature Festival 2011
    Sunday - Sunday, October 2-9, 2011

    “Eight years already there is Žilina Literature Festival occupying the first week of October. It is the time of gatherings of people around literature and books, time of written words and read sentences, time of creation of new ideas. Time of new contexts and discoveries, facts and fictions. Time that is exciting! An adventure of [...]

  • Literature Night 2011
    Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 6 – 10pm

    An adventurous night journey with literature around the city, stopping at places you wouldn’t expect. International project Literature Night, initiated by Czech centres in 18 European cities, will take place in Zilina for the first time. Contemporary European literary works will be read by well-known personalities from Zilina and Slovak cultural scene – artists Rudolf [...]

  • Photo: Blue Peter (Milčák) & (Julo’s) Fujaksongs

    Literature and music evening just before Christmas (December 22, 2010) with poet and publisher Peter Milčák and musician and composer Julo Fujak, moderated by Peter Staríček. Photos: Natália Zajačiková
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

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