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  • Program for January (English version)

    4-5.01.2017, Wednesday-Thursday
    Children`s futurological symposium: trip to the future
    What will we do in 20 years? How will Zilina look like in the year 2047? And how we will look like? What will we eat?How we will communicate together? Such questions we will discuss together during symposium.

    And we will try to search for answers with help [...]

  • Program for December (English version)

    1.12.2016, Thursday, 19.00
    Concert: Iva Bittová & Mucha Quartet: Béla Bartók - Slovak songs

    Phenomenal singer and violinist Iva Bittová is going on tour around Slovakia with the young Slovak Mucha Quartet, to introduce her fans, especially fans of folk music a remarkable project that sensitively processes the results of a unique life’s [...]

  • Program for November (English version)

    1.11.2016, Tuesday, 17.00 and 20.00
    Movie / Be2Can

    Country of direction: Tunis, BE, FR / 2016 / 88 min /Arabic language, Czech subtitles
    Tickets: 3.00 / € 2.00 (adults /students).
    2.11.2016, Wednesday, 19.00
    Composiers Laboratory: Tribute to Charles Elbert and victims of WW2
    The event is dedicated to the memory of persecuted and killed composers [...]

  • Program for October (English version)

    1.10.2016, Saturday, 16.00
    Two theater performances for children
    Prague dance studio Light “Puntíkáři” / perpetrators of good deeds, Jola
    “Puntíkáři” / perpetrators of good deeds is the introduction to a book by Milos Kratochvil “Puntíkáři”. For a while you can become heroes – perpetrators of good deeds! You can fight with your charm, wisdom and [...]

  • Program for September (English version)

    Kinobus 2016 (Not only) film festival
    Route: Levice - Tlmače - Hontianske Tesáre - Podbrezová
    Topic: Toxic

    Film festival includes bus trip, natural history lesson, screenings, lectures and warm hospitality, this year will happen between the regions of Hont and Tekov. To discover better this magic region, we will roam around it with the [...]

  • Program for August (English version)

    1.08.-5.08.16, Monday-Friday
    Summer children symposium
    Week aimed at surveying urban and suburban wilderness, exploring differet kinds of natural materials suitable for kids architecture experiments. Nice time spending in a group of children, parents and friends of Stanica - full day excursions and games on our yard and in the garden, building “secret” houses, chases, [...]

  • Program for July (English version)

    29. 6. – 3. 7. 2016
    Fest Anča international festival ofanimation
    Fest Anča is an international animation festival in Žilina, Slovakia. Its purpose is to show contemporary, progressive animated films to commemorate the best of the genre’s history. The long-term vision is to promote the art of animation and all [...]

  • Program for June (English version)

    1.06.2016, Wednesday, 19.00
    Concert Trio Sen Tegmento
    Not classical concert of classical music
    Trio Sen Tegmento will perform premiers of one of the most significant Slovak composers Iris Szeghy. A series of concerts in Slovakia will introduce creations of composer, currently living in Switzerland to a wider audience in her native [...]

  • Program for May (english version)

    18.05.2016, Wednesday, 17-00 ”
    Seminar Pack yourself to Europe
    Informative seminar about European Voluntary Service Program for youngsters who wish to go abroad with support of Erasmus+ grant. Useful info&tips how to find good hosting organisation.
    Seminar is in Slovak / English language
    Free entrance
    20.05.2016, Friday, 19.00
    Multimedia performance “Nick” (Petra Tejnorová a STK Theatre Concept)
    True [...]

  • One World in Stanica - films in English and trailers

    There were several requests from your side with the question, which films from the program of One World documentary film festival that will take place in Stanica from Wednesday 26th until Sunday 30th January 2011 are friendly to foreigners = in English or with English subtitles. So here they are together with trailers. You are [...]

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