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1.06.2016, Wednesday, 19.00
Concert Trio Sen Tegmento
Not classical concert of classical music
Trio Sen Tegmento will perform premiers of one of the most significant Slovak composers Iris Szeghy. A series of concerts in Slovakia will introduce creations of composer, currently living in Switzerland to a wider audience in her native country.
Tickets: 3.00 / € 2.00 (adults / students)
Tickets can be purchased online (scroll down for link for presale), or at any of the outlets or directly at Stanica.

2.06.2016, Thursday 17.00, gallery Plusmínusnula
Opening of exhibition of Milan Guštar (CZ): Inside
Exhibition is based on tension between the aesthetic and the mathematical and physical principles. The process of creation, the beginning of which is a calculation equation. Milan Guštar studied electronics, computer science and applied mathematics. Algorithmic and generative processes are used in music and visual composition or intermedia installations. Exhibition will run untill 3. 7. 2016.
Free admission

2.06.2016, Thursday, 19.00
Meeting with writer Jón Kalman Stefánsson (Island)

Jón Kalman Stefánsson is one of the most famous contemporary Icelandic writers. He comes to Zilina by the invitation of publishing house Artforum, with his new book “Fish Have No Feet”. His first book translated to slovak language “Summer Light and Then Comes the Night” (2014) is on TOP of best sellers in bookstores Artforum. His novels have been nominated three times for the Nordic Council Prize for Literature (2001, 2004, 2007).
Note! Readings will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Slovak.
Free entrance

3.06.2016, Friday, 18.00
Discussion of Fedor Blaščák with Mikuláš Dzurinda

“How did we get to Europe?”
Note! Discussion is in Slovak language.
Free entrance

5. 06. 2016, Sunday, 17.00
Community dinner: Picnic Vegan Sunday

Vegan Sunday at Stanica held once a month and each Sunday has its particular topic (leguminous, traditional Indian , Christmas), which tells you about what kind of food you can enjoy and what you can bring to a common table as well.
Admission to the dinner is free, but on the tables are always money-box for a voluntary contribution All money left at the end of the year will be added and devote organizations dealing with abandoned animals. It is up to how much you decide to contribute.

5.06.2016, Sunday, 19.00
Travel cinema by Michal Chmeliar: Easter Island

Experience-sharing from trip is presented in the form of traveler`s screenings and lectures.
Note! The presentation is in Slovak language with possibility of answering questions in English.
Tickets: 3.00 / € 2.00 (adults / students)

7.06.2016, Tuesday, 17.00 and 20.00

Our Little sister
Country of direction: Japan | 2015 | 128 min| Japaneese language, Czech subtitles
Tickets: 3.00 / € 2.00 (adults / students)

8.06.2016, Wednesday, 14:30 to 21:30
Pace.V4 Touring Conference

Conference on the relationship between art and politics
Pace.V4 Touring Conference has a format of traveling conference, during which participants from around the world visit the cultural and creative centers in the V4 countries. Station Žilina-Záriečie will be one of the venues of the conference.
Note! The language of communication is English
More info and program of conference

8.06.2016, Wednesday, 20.30
Dance performance

Jaro Viňarský: Butticula – Figúry blázna
With this performance, Jaro Viňarský came to uncertain stage of improvisation, which is focused on the systematic dynamic, constantly transforming work.
Tickets: 5.00 / € 3.00 (adults / students)

9.06.2016, Thursday, 19.00
Theater on the Edge: “Humorous dialogues”

There are two person stands behind Zilina theater “On the Edge” - Michal Chmeliar a Tomáš Lazár. During the evening they will play six of their dialogues.
Note! Performance is in Slovak language
Tickets: 5,00 / 3,00 € (adults / students)

10. 6. 2016, Friday, 19.00
Movie evening: Best of Fest Anča 2015

Less than three weeks prior the ninth Fest Anča festival we offer you a projection of films-winners from last year. You will see the best of short animations, student films, music videos, movies for kids and Slovak animated films.
Tickets: 2,00 / 1,00 € (adults / students)

11 - 12. 6. 2016, Saturday – Sunday
Children symposium: Experimental Musical Instruments 5

The workshop is for children of school age (ideally around 10 years) and is part of a six-month cycle that leads to the final output.
Info: 0907 178 756,

12. 6. 2016, Sunday, 11:00 to 17:00
Petanque tournament

Traditional petanque tournament in the park of Stanica, orginised by FRASK (French-Slovak Association). The competition will be in two-person teams, and you need to register in advance. You can also enjoy the French cuisine and music selected by one of the organizers, Aldrick B.
Participation fee: 1,00 € / person
Information and enrollment:

12. 6. 2016, Sunday, 20.00
Concert Masha Qrella (D)

Berlin-based musician Masha Qrella with her new album “Keys” (Morr Music, 2016) in charming manner combines singing and disco-pop.
Tickets: 4.00 / € 3.00 (adults / students)

13. 6. 2016, Monday, 20.00
Concert Mäkkelä & The Holycopters (Fin/D), Dáša Fon Fľaša

This time Mäkkelä will come to Stanica with friends and in addition to his guitar and Irish bouzouki sounds and banjo, harmonica, mandolin, double bass and percussion - Finnish orchestra with Joe Strummer on the forehead. Original songwriting, somewhere between punk, folk and mysterious underground chanson.
Admission is voluntary

14. 6. 2016, Tuesday, 17.00 a 20.00

Pátranie (The Search)
Country of direction: France | 2014 | 135 min| English language, Czech subtitles
Tickets: 3.00 / € 2.00 (adults / students)

15. 6. 2016, Wednesday, 19.00
Presentation: The World’s best advertisements evening

Chief editor of the portal Peter Konečný will introduce the world’s most awarded creative, extreme concepts, comparative provocation best and funniest advertising campaigns.
Tickets: 3.00 / € 2.00 (adults / students)

16. 6. 2016, Thursday, 19.00
Movie/ KineDok
Amerika / America
Country of direction: Czech Republic| 2015 | 70 min| Czech language
Tickets: 2.00 / € 1.00 (adults / students)

17. - 19. 6. 2016, Friday-Sunday
Permaculture design course

The intensive 25-hour-long course is suitable for beginners, but also for people practicing garden architecture.
Note! Course is in Slovak and Czech language,
More info on Slovak version of the web-site

17.06.2016, Friday, 20.00
Concert + afterparty Hafner & Beyuz &Co

Crazy summer title Monkeys and Pineapples describes “VAJB” album and sounds of the jungle. Is a colorful visually audially and textually.
Tickets: 7.00 / € 5.00 (adults / students)

18. - 19. 6. 2016, Saturday-Sunday
Children symposium: Experimental Musical Instruments 6.

Info: 0907 178 756,

19. 6. 2016, Sunday, 19.00
Travel cinema: Sri-Lanka
Singer of the band Free Europe Whisky, after many years of traveling in remote corners of the five continents decided to pull the light of his many stories and photos of his trips. During his travels Whisky visited more than 60 countries, the essentially concerned on remote areas with attractive by natural beauty, preserved original ethnic groups and cultures, hidden from tourists.
Tickets: 3.00 / € 2.00 (adults / students)

21. 6. 2016, Tuesday, 17.00 a 20.00

Hlavu hore / La tête haute
Country of direction: France | 2015 | 120 min| French language, Czech subtitles
Tickets: 3.00 / € 2.00 (adults / students)

22. 6. 2016, Wendesday, 19.00
Concert of ZOE chamber orchestra in frame of Forum Musica Festival

Exceptional chamber association of young musicians with a passion for music and life will try out acoustics at our S2 hall. Forum Musica is a festival of good music (classical, jazz, world music) presented at the Žilina`s stages during the summer months.
Tickets: 5.00 / € 3.00 (adults / students)

25.06. 2016, Saturday, 10.00-15.00
Small flea market

Do you have at home unwanted but good and functional things? Furniture, dishes, appliances, sporting goods, collector’s treasures? You have the possibility to sell or exchange them on our flea market. Or opposite, just come and find something that you was looking for a long time.
Information for interested in selling at market direct to

25.06.2016, Saturday, 20.00
Concert Jucifer (Us), Gallileous (Pl), The Public

Band was founded in 1993 as pioneers of extreme metal as a guitar-drums duet. Jucifer concerts tend to be extremely loud and dark, stirring up various musical genres - sludge metal, black metal, doom, death metal, crust, grind, or drone and noise.
Tickets: 8,00 €
Presale: 6,00 €

26. 6. 2016, Sunday, Súľov Mountains
Magic Carpathians (Pl) and Pablo Sanz (Esp) in Zrakova pyramída
Ethnobotanical soundwalk and concert
It will not be a classical concert and tourism, rather all-day “ethnobotanical soundwalk”. Part of the trip will mikroworkshopy, writes Anna Nacher: “We want to engage participants in interactive performance in visual pyramid. Bring the tools that people will be able to try, we will look natural sound materials by road, and also offers a little bit of work with voice. We even devised a title - sounds on the move. ”

29. 6. – 3. 7. 2016
Fest Anča is an international animation festival in Žilina, Slovakia. Its purpose is to show contemporary, progressive animated films to commemorate the best of the genre’s history. The long-term vision is to promote the art of animation and all its forms, filling an empty space in this artform in Slovakia. An international competition for best animated film, student film, music video, best film for kids and best Slovak film – to be selected by an expert panel – will be part of the festival.
Accompanying events include workshops, exhibitions, lectures, music and chats with filmmakers and producers. The summertime festival atmosphere is supported by a tent city, nighttime screenings and live concerts.To all these prizes Anča made up a new unique competition Audio-animation karaoke battle, which is open to visitors able to creatively dub the accidentally chosen sequence of animation.
Ticket to whole festival (5 days) : € 20.00
Student ticket: € 15.00 (*After showing valid ISIC, ITIC, EURO 26 or valid student card).

For most of our events you can use presale to buy tickets in advance at–stanica-zilina–zariecie
Tickets can be purchased online, or at any of the outlets or directly at Stanica.

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