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  • Festival of Literature Žilina 2014
    Sunday - Sunday, 5th – 12th October 2014

    11th year of a festival which connects literature with different genres offers discussions on actual social topics. It presents books and its authors it organizes workshops, competitions, photo exhibitions, movies, theatre, dance and a lot of other acitivities connected with literature. Festival is organized by bookshop Artforum in cooperation with some other organizations in Žilina [...]

  • Books exchange
    Saturday 12. 10. 2013, 10.00 – 15.00

    The team Drak sa vracia (The dragon returns) and the Literature Festival Žilina in the cooperation organise another books exchange. Come to sell, exchange and buy: books, magazines, comics, postcards, posters, records, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, VHS, as well as another related stock. Participation is open to all, you can assign yourself on anna@stanica.sk. The fee [...]

  • Adaptation (d. Spike Jonze)
    Thursday 10. 10. 2013, 20.00

    Attention, at 17.00 we are screening the second part of the documentary cycle The story of film: An Odyssey.
    Episode 2 – The Hollywood dream (20th of the 20 years century)
    The makers of the film „Being John Malkovich” – screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and director Spike Jonze, joined forces second time in the „Adaptation”, for once again [...]

  • Alef 0: Electronic literature and cultural context
    discussion evening
    Wednesday 9. 10. 2013, 18.00

    Zuzana Husárová will discuss with Petra Blšťáková about electronic literature, to which they are both dedicated to, as well as in writing it, and also in the wider cultural context.
    Petra Blšťáková has gratuated on the Faculty of Education UK, where she was studying English and Slovak language with the literature. Momentarily, she is a PhD [...]

  • Lotz Trio and Silvester Lavrík
    music-literature evening
    Tuesday 8. 10. 2013, 20.00

    Wanderings of Slovak classical period in the music and the literature. Non-traditional concert program, which is an interesting interplay between the music of Juraj Družecký and text of Hugolín Gavlovič. This project is interpretative and author interaction of Lotz Trio and Silvester Lavrík.
    Juraj Družecký
    ~ Divertissement
    Pour Trois Cors de Bassett (cca 1790)
    Hugolín Gavlovič
    ~ Valaská škola mravúv [...]

  • Žilinský literárny festival 2013 (Literature Festival Žilina)
    Sunday – Saturday, 6. – 12. 10. 2013

    Literature Festival Žilina this year celebrates the tenth anniversary. Since reading and playing does not entertain us, we will move around the number and the semantic combinations of the „X”: Roman ten, crossroad, ten commandments, versus, unknown and mysterious things, XXX and other wordplays, that guests and visitors of the festival will think about. We [...]

  • Blaho Uhlár et al. DISK:
    STATUS (Theatre, Passion, Love, Solitude.)
    theatre performance
    Saturday 13. 10. 2012, 7pm

    DISK theatre company is not “only” amateurish theatre for a long time already. It has been existing almost 60 years now and with its production, it overwent local borders dispite of fact it is still connected to Trnava periphery, to place called Kopánka (DISK = Divadelný súbor Kopánka). Status, the most recent piece focuses on [...]

  • Dreams of Periphery – film in Žilina
    screening, discussion
    Thursday 11. 10. 2012, 7pm

    Is Žilina periphery for creators? If so, is periphery, its themes and possibilities a paradise for independant or commercial production? Analysing evening with films and guests will guide us from the beginning of Žilina professional cinematography, the golden age up to present diversity of creators, approaches and technologies.
    Author film projection will be connected with discussion [...]

  • Žilina Literature Festival 2012
    Wednesday – Saturday, 10. - 13. 10. 2012

    As each year, autumn is bringing Žilina Literature Festival into the town. Ninth time, the visitors will have opportunity to meet well-known names, new books, problematic themes, load of questions, agreable atmosphere, bohemianism as well as simplicity of guests, specific moments of experience. All this will be possible to find on the festival venues, also [...]

  • Photomix: Kus, ŽLF, Chinawoman

    Premiere of the performance about theatre technicians, another Žilina Literature Festival and dark chanson concert. We are bringing you the photoreports from these three events in exactly opposite order. Enjoy!

    photo: Natália Zajačiková, dusand

  • Literature Campus
    Monday - Saturday, October 3-8, 2011

    Interactive poetic and prosaic workshop of creative writing led by Mathej Tomka (supported also by Andrej Šeliga, Saša Gr. and Milan Ondruch). Whole week long meeting of young authors and writers, members of literature clubs in the space of Stanica. Poetry in the streets, live readings in public spaces with the final reading on Friday [...]

  • Žilina Literature Festival 2011
    Sunday - Sunday, October 2-9, 2011

    “Eight years already there is Žilina Literature Festival occupying the first week of October. It is the time of gatherings of people around literature and books, time of written words and read sentences, time of creation of new ideas. Time of new contexts and discoveries, facts and fictions. Time that is exciting! An adventure of [...]

  • What is going to come in 2011?

    Some of the confirmed and planned events and projects that will take place in Stanica in 2011:
    Selection of the best documentaries from One World festival (January), Literature Night (May 11), Fest Anča - international animation film festival (July 1 - 3), KioSK - independent Slovak theatre and dance (July 28 - 30), Kinobus - research [...]

  • ZLFoto: J. H. Krchovský, KK Bagala Literature Circus

    Zilina Literature Festival finished by literature circus and Krchovsky reading his stuff. Thank you for coming and see you next year again!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

  • KK Bagala Literary Circus
    scenic reading, Saturday 9. 10. 2010, 21.00

    Readings from African short stories and fairytales by Marek Vadas, laureate of Anasoft litera Award for the book The Healer and Best Book of the Season Award for Fairytales from black Africa. Cast in scenic reading directed by Kveťo Palík: Barbora Juríčková, Michal Németh, Barbora Paliková. After the show, a short discussion with Marek Vadas. Ending [...]

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