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  • 2’ 16’’ and half: Space Oddysee
    kids contemporary opera
    Saturday 6th June 2015, 6 pm

    Everything we do is music. - SILENCE!!!
    The biggest challenge when somebody works with kids orchestra is to reach silence. Performing Cage´s 4’ 33’’ is in this sense unreachable as well as Bach concerts on one side and Schönberg dodecaphony on the other side. That is why we decided to do it anyway, with kids vision [...]

  • Celebrating of Spring
    kids symphonium
    Saturday - Sunday, 9th - 10th May 2015

    Zahajujeme cyklus hudobných workshopov Sinfonia Stanica 2015.
    Weekend music workshop with Marek Piaček is dedicated especially to the members of our kids orchestra - participants of May tour with our performance 2’ 16” a pol: Vesmírna odysea.
    Info about workshop: Hana Hudcovičová Lukšů, 0907 178 756, hanka@stanica.sk

    Activity is a part of project Kids cultural summer [...]

  • 2′ 16′′ and a half: Space odyssey
    contemporary opera

    When working with a children’s orchestra consisting of more than 20 children the biggest challenge is to achieve silence. In this sense to prepare John Cage’s famous 4′ 33′′ is probably less accomplishable than to practice Bach’s concerts on one side and Schönberg‘s dodecaphony on another side. However, a team around Mareka Piaček went for [...]

  • 2′16” and a Half: A Space Odyssey
    children’s contemporary opera / premiere
    Sunday 4. 5. 2014, 17.00, S2

    The biggest challenge of working with a children’s orchestra, composed of more than 20 children, is to silence them. They will perform famous classical movements by Bach, John Cage, and Schönberg.
    The children’s orchestra originated from the cooperation of the children and professional musicians of Slovak Philharmonic in Bratislava. It is about mutual cooperation and [...]

  • Children Karaoke sinfonium 3/2014
    music workshop for children
    Saturday - Sunday, 22. - 23. 3. 2014

    Already third rehearsal of children-professional orchestra under conduction of Marek Piaček connecting young musicians with professionals from Slovak Filharmony. The workshop works with the topic of children horror stories and Žilina urban legends - so-called contemporary folklore.
    Working schedule:
    Saturday - Sunday, 22. - 23. 3. 2014, 9.00am - 3.00pm (with longer lunch break and shorter pauses)
    Participation fee: [...]

  • Children Karaoke sinfonium 2/2014
    music workshop for children
    Friday – Sunday, 28. 2. – 2. 3. 2014

    Second round of rehearsals of serious-children contemporary opera conducted by Marek Piaček, combining children in the age of 6 - 15 years who learns how to play an instrument with the professionals from Slovak filharmony. The workshop is focused on topics of children horror stories and Žilina urban legends.
    Friday 28. 2. 2014
    Saturday, Sunday 1. - [...]

  • Children Karaoke sinfonium
    workshop for children
    Saturday – Sunday, 25. – 26. 1. 2014

    Establishing and first rehearsing of the orchestra formed of those who has reacted or will react to our CALL OUT.
    In a few months, a brand new contemporary opera show will be created under conduction of Marek Piaček and with presence of Slovak Filharmony. We are looking for the players of musical intstruments or singers 8+ [...]

  • Erl King, Štós
    contemporary opera
    Saturday 8. 12. 2012, 7pm

    Kto cvála nocou temným lesom s pokladom v náručí? Čo sú to za sily útočiace na nevinnú dušu dieťaťa? Spoločenstvo nadšených hudobníkov z baníckeho kráľovského mesta uprostred lesov sa stretáva v krutom zápase s ponurým pseudoromantizmom. V ich odhodlaní im pomáha skupina nájomných profesionálov. Spolu odolávajú aj tým najúlisnejším nástrahám Kráľa duchov a jeho banditov.
    Greyness, [...]

  • Marold Langer-Philippsen, Marek Piaček:
    spatial structure
    Wednesday 7. 11. 2012, 6pm, New Synagogue

    That radio is only for the ears? Paradiselost is a project based on John Milton’s baroque original text, which the Austrian radio ORF prepared by German director Marold Langer-Philippsen. The project will have several parts: each will take place in another country, with other musicians and other perception of topics. Žilina (Slovak) part will take [...]

  • Mio-Mio: Lesť rozmyslu
    instant opera
    Saturday, 4 February, 2012, 7pm

    Where the will is, an idea follows.
    Three act instant opera about merging and splitting Czechoslovakia. Artistic duo Mio-Mio, Marek Piaček and Stano Beňačka, is well-known for experimenting with music and new musical-theatrical forms. Also the topic of Slovak nation evolution from its rebirth until Czechoslovakia splitting in 1993 has unusual form of contemporary opera, using new [...]

  • Mio-Mio: List der Vernunft (Cunning of Reason)
    instant opera, premiere
    Friday, November 11, 2011, 8pm

    Where there´s a will, there´s an idea. Radically subjective interpretation of relationship of two brothers (V. M. and V. K.), who lie in each other´s eyes.
    Dramaturgy: Fedor Blaščák
    Directed by: Martin Ondriska
    Music: Stanislav Beňačka, Marek Piaček
    Performers: Mio-Mio: Marek Piaček, Stanislav Beňačka
    Production: Stanica Žilina-Záriečie s podporou Ministerstva kultúry SR
    In Slovak and Czech.
    Admission: 5,00 / 3,00 € (adults [...]

  • Memory Kontrol – Mečiarism
    Wednesday – Friday, November 9-11, 2011

    Memory Kontrol is an intellectual workshop, and a festival, which reflects key events and stages of recent Czechoslovak history. This years edition is dedicaded to “mečiarism”, a period, which we all clearly remember. Films, exhibitions, discussions, school program, theatre.

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 5pm, Plusmínusnula gallery
    exhibition opening
    Bad Society / Deposit
    Bad Society is a title of an [...]

  • Photo: Urban legends

    Year 2011 at Stanica started in gorgeous atmosphere. The first event was vernissage of the art-brut exhibition What is it like through Zuzka´s eyes, depicting daily life on rural countryside.

    Afterwards, Petr Janeček started our new longterm project Urban legends, reading from his book of the same name and presenting us popular contemporary urban myths and [...]

  • Urban Legends
    Presentation, concert, scenic reading
    Friday, January 14, 2011, 7pm

    Are there, nowadays, such stories which fascinate us all? Stories which we all can remember and share? Is there something like “the 20th Century folklore”?
    Do you remember the Black ambulance, which travels round the city kidnapping children? This one and other stories, gossips, rumours, and speculations prove that legends and other traditional genres do not [...]

  • Photo: KioSK festival of contemporary Slovak theatre

    Photoreport from KioSK festival by Dušan D.
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