Memory Kontrol – Mečiarism
Wednesday – Friday, November 9-11, 2011

Memory Kontrol is an intellectual workshop, and a festival, which reflects key events and stages of recent Czechoslovak history. This years edition is dedicaded to “mečiarism”, a period, which we all clearly remember. Films, exhibitions, discussions, school program, theatre.

Memory Kontrol - Mečiarizmus (c) Jef Kratochvíl

Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 5pm, Plusmínusnula gallery
exhibition opening
Bad Society / Deposit
Bad Society is a title of an exhibition of works by Michal Murin, Petr Kalmus, Martin Piaček, Tomáš Rafa, Lucia Nimcová, Peter Rónai, združenie Rafani a XYZ) and an bust installation of founders of Slovak statehood, called The Deposit.

Curator: Fedor Blaščák

Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 7pm
Memory Kontrol – Projection of documentaries
Najšťastnejší deň Anny Mečiarovej / The Happiest Day of Anna Mečiarová (Fero Fenič, ČR, 1992, 20 min.)
Noc, keď sa rozpadol štát / The Night, When the State Collapsed (Marcel Děkanovský, Jožo Horal, Vladislav Kvasnička, Fero Fenič, ČR, 1992, 20 min.)
Slovenské tango 2 / Slovak Tango 2 (Dušan Trančík, ČR, 1994, 20 min.)

Taká malá propaganda / Such a Small Propaganda (Marek Kuboš, SR, 2001, 27 min.)
Hlas 98 / Voice 98 (Marek Kuboš, SR, 1999, 15 min.)

Film projection joint by discussion with director Marek Kuboš.

Thursday, November 10, 2011, 6pm
public discussion
Memory Kontrol – Mečiarism 4
Forth of the series of discussions, which aimed on telling a compact oral-historical record about beginnings of political and economical transformation in Slovakia after 1989. We are honored to welcome significant political actors of that time, who witnessed Vladimir Mečiars´ rise to power. Debaters: Petr Pithart, František Mikloško, Ján Budaj and Peter Zajac, introduced by Fedor Blaščák.

Friday, November, 2011, 5pm
public discussion
Memory Kontrol – Mečiarism „post scriptum“
Fifth, and final discussion about mečiarism. Who else should have the final word, if not Vladimir Mečiar himself? We are very pleased, that he accepted our invitation. Will we learn about the truth, how everything has happened? Debater: Vladimir Mečiar, introduced by Fedor Blaščák.

Friday, November, 2011, 5pm
instant opera, premiere
Mio-Mio: List der Vernunft (Cunning of Reason)
Where there´s a will, there´s an idea. Radically subjective interpretation of relationship of two brothers (V. M. and V. K.), who lie in each other´s eyes.

Dramaturgy: Fedor Blaščák
Directed by: Martin Ondriska
Music: Stanislav Beňačka, Marek Piaček
Starring: Mio-Mio: Marek Piaček, Stanislav Beňačka
Production: Stanica Žilina-Záriečie with support of Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic

Memory Kontrol - Mečiarizmus

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