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  • 1.04.2017, Saturday, 10.00-17.00
    Small Easter market
    Spring has already replaced the winter and it’s a perfect time for first market at Stanica this year. Traditionally, we try to assemble a diverse mosaic of sellers.

    Easter holidays bring with them the things that we do not even have to mention. Products from domestic [...]

  • ME-SA / BOD.Y / Renan Martins:
    Let Me Die In My Footsteps
    dance performance / pre premiere
    Friday 15th May 2015, 7 pm

    In „Let Me Die in My Footsteps” four dancers embody crisis as departing point in an ambiguous journey of conflict and resolution. The soundscape created by Gasper Piano, in contrast to the dancer’s strenuous physicality, offers a subtle sense of nostalgia.
    In his new work Renan Martins de Oliveira attempts to create a pure dance piece [...]

  • Lucia Kašiarová: Imago
    dance performance
    Saturday 2nd May 2015, 7 pm

    We are sure what we want to be. But do we know who we are?
    Dance duo, loosely inspired by text of C. G. Jung, gently creates two constant antithesis which are in all of us, anima and animus. Male and female on the stage are unique entities, on the other side, they complement each other, [...]

  • Gyula Cserepes: Rhythm and improvisation
    dance workshop / WorkshoW II
    Saturday - Sunday, 2. - 3. 5. 2015

    Listen. Observe. Sense.
    Hear. See. Dance.
    Movement - dance is the language of the body. In order to be able to communicate , we need letters – rhythm, words – movements, sentences – dance. Workshop Rhytm and Improvisisation, lead by dancer and choreographer Gyula Cserepes, offer participants lessons to learn how to discover and use this language. [...]

  • Dance, dance!
    weekend with contemporary dance
    Friday – Sunday, 1st – 3rd May 2015

    29th April is an International Day of Dance. It is recommended from 1982 when Jean George Noverra, the founder of modern ballet, was born.
    Dance weekend with provocative name Dance, dance! encourages to join celebrations of this day in active way as an participant of dance workshop or evening party or passively as spectator of dance [...]

  • cieLaroque | helene weinzierl (At):
    Democrazy – How to Cut Onion without Tears
    dance performance
    Wednesday 22nd April 2015, 8 pm

    CieLaroque is one of the most respected austrian dance troupe in the world. Dance troupe is combining dance and acting into a monolitic whole under the direction of choreographer Helena Weinzierl. Result of this effort is a very strong experience for audience. Socially critical performance Democrazy elaborates the question of freedom, possibility of choice, manipulation, [...]

  • Preßburger Klezmer Band: SOUTH!
    Saturday 15th November 2014, 8 pm

    Preßburger Klezmer Band prepared an unique music-dance project called SOUTH! where they present a fusion of folklore minorities living in south Slovakia but also culture of Balkans and Mediterranean with the influence of klezmer (folk music of east european Jews). Project builds on succesful project EAST! from 2013 which presented music-dance fusion of jewish folklore [...]

  • Lucia Kašiarová, Peter Machajdík: AREA
    multigenre performance
    Thursday 6th November 2014, 7 pm

    Exceptional connection of two succesfull slovak artists - music composer Peter Machajdík and dancer and choreograph Lucia Kašiarová. Firstly they met on the same stage during the festival KioSK 2011 and from that time their cooperation started intensively for next years. Project AREA is continuation of this activity which led to multigenre performance where the [...]

  • 1 + 1
    evening directed by Dance Theatre Alternatív
    Thursday 26. 6. 2014, 7.00pm

    Dance Theatre Alternatív (TDA) will introduce a presentation of the work of amateur dancers, who meet at Labyrint Žilina to collaboratively create in the field of contemporary dance or in Lindy Hop style.
    Performance Konverzácie (Conversations) is a shared work of dancers from the TDA ensemble under Zuzana Juhásova’s leadership, revealing various distinct ways of how [...]

  • Theatre evening by conservatorie from Martin
    students theatre evening
    Wednesday 25. 6. 2014, 7.00pm

    Two unyielding, fresh and young theatre pieces – Hrdý Budžes (Proud you will be) and Oskar a Ruth (Oskar and Ruth) and one dance analysis of medical community of not conservated bodies performed by students from Privat Musical and Dramatical Conservatorie in Martin.
    7.00pm Irena Dousková – Hrdý Budžes (Proud you will be)
    On the background of [...]

  • 1 + 1
    student dance show
    Monday 2. 6. 2014, 7.00pm

    Evening of two dance shows of dance conservatoire of J. L. Bella in Banská Bystrica choreographed by Zuzana Juhásová (Hory Doly) and Lucia Horváthová (Jewish Soul).
    Dance performance Hory Doly by graduates of conservatoire inspired by spaces of train platforms which embody a parallel to a period of the dancers - their study at conservatoire and [...]

  • Dance, Dance!
    Weekend of contemporary dance
    Friday-Sunday, 25. – 27. 4. 2014

    Like previous years, we won’t let this International Day of Dance (29.4) go without dance celebrations. Under the slogan Dance, dance! we offer different options for getting to dance more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional, child, beginner or inexperienced dancer. Along with the civic association SKOK! (JUMP!) we’ve prepared a program in which [...]

  • Debris Company: Soliloquy & Monologue
    dance-theatre show
    Saturday 15. 2. 2014, 7.00pm

    Dance - theatre show as a tribute to James Joyce. Adaptation of the final chapter his famous novel Ulysses. Two solos, female and male monologue of two main characters, Molly Bloom and her husband Leopold Bloom, starring Stanislava Vlčeková and actor Vladimír Zboroň, under direction of Jozef Vlk.
    First part, physical - dance solo of Stanislava [...]

  • XIRA
    dance performance / premiere
    Thursday and Friday, 28. and 29. 11., 7pm

    Intimate performance recording proximity of two humans, dancers who have had several opportunities to meet on various places between New York and Žilina. Mutual closeness of these encounters has led to making of the show called XIRA which reinvents their common memories of creation in different spaces.
    XIRA is an identity wherein both dancers are equal, [...]

  • Peter Šavel, Kamil Mihalov: Shifts

    „Yeah. Rational mind knows, but the emotional mind can be in denial.“
    (Aurora Winter for GriefCoachAcademy)
    Duet of a dancer (Peter Šavel) and pianist (Kamil Mihalov). Emotional movement interpretation of a grief and sorrow in the interaction with Goldberg variations of Johann Sebastian Bach.Shifts is a play within discrepancy between the rational structure and its
    consequential emotional imprints. [...]

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