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  • Beforefestanča photomix

  • Pecha Kucha Night Žilina – Volume 19
    20 photos x 20 seconds
    Friday 22. June 2012, 8:20pm

    The nineteenth evening dedicated to architects, designers, artists and other creative people and their projects, which are (almost briefly) good to know about. Their presentations are limited by 20 pictures x 20 seconds, which keeps the evening dynamic and precise.
    On this years´ second Pecha Kucha Night, you´ll see:
    - designer of planes Štefan Klein,
    - graphic [...]

  • Andrej Barčík: For You
    exhibition June 1 - July 27, 2012, Plusmínusnula gallery

    A memorial exhibition of important visual artist from Žilina, who died 8 years ago. The exhibition ror the +- 0,0 gallery was prepared by his friends architect Dušan Voštenák and graphic designer Pavel Choma with the collaboration with Barčík’s family.

    Plusmínusnula gallery you can find in the city centre on little Mydlárska street. It [...]

  • Silkscreen at home
    Friday - Sunday, December 16-18, 2011

    Three-day intensive silkscreen workshop, where you´ll find out, that DIY silkscreen is not that hard to make on your own, at your home. We´ll introduce you to our simple workroom established in Stanica, and we´ll show you many simple tricks, and ways, how to do it. But at first: we´ll print! This time, we will [...]

  • How folklor is animated

    This week at stanica Žilina-Záriečie, a film symposium Animated Film-Mix took place (od 15.8 do 19.8). On Monday, we made sketches for our little movies (which will be connected into one in the end of the week) for a topic: Contemporary Children Folklore. It can be horror, parody, rhyme.. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we prepared [...]

  • Where the art starts…
    longterm programs for elementary schools

    We are running the project based on fine art and media education strategies focused primarily to the groups of children at elmentary school from 6 to 15 years, organized by school classes.
    The programs are divided into tematic and methodic categories and this way offer to teachers various possibilities of spending classes at Stanica and learning [...]

  • Summer symposium for children – animated film
    Monday – Friday, August 15-19, 2011

    Another of this year’s summer symposium for children is again focused on film animation. Drawing from previous experience, we’re counting on a great many minutes of good quality animated film. The novelty is that we’ll be more than usual focused on the sonic element of film and also, that the symposium will be open for [...]

  • Come and see our animals and their enlightment

    On Wednesday 27th July at 18.00 we invite you to the closing event of the Summer Children Symposium. This year it was focused to the stage design mainly using light and shadows. The stage designers usually do not create the story of the performances, do not direct them and do not act in them - [...]

  • Fine Art-Theatre summer symposium for children
    KioSK 2011: workshop
    Saturday – Wednesday, July 23-27, 2011

    The workshop for children over 6 will be technically and thematically focused on light design in theatre – apart from creating a story on light, we’ll work on shadow puppets, light design and “drawing sceneries” with the aid of light. We’ll also deal with making of performance booklets and posters. At the end of symposium, [...]

  • Presentation of works from the public art workshop InBetweenCentre II

    It is July and the temperature climbs to 33 degrees Celsius. On the Hlinka square stands a May - traditional Slovak tree symbol built in May usualy. Is the strain of a plastic sewer pipe and on top of it there is an artificial Christmas tree. The artist Alžbeta Lišková designed a practical package [...]

  • Short animation movies from our art school


  • School visits at Stanica 2010/2011 - more and more often

    One of the results: short animation movie of 6.A class from Dubnica nad Váhom, made in few hours of workshop at Stanica..

  • Children summer symposiums 2011 - not only for kids!

    There will be two summer weeks used in Stanica for the intensive fine art workshops for kids - one in july, one in august, one specialised to the visual theatre and one to the film animation. The new thing is that film symposium will be also available for adult people (parents etc.)
    There are not all [...]

  • The competition for the best “needlework title”

    Do you have a good idea for a sentence at a contemporary (this summer finished :-) needlework? We are waiting for them! The best idea author will win an original needlework made by Šramkove sisters.
    Comment here or write to ivana@stanica.sk, hanka@stanica.sk

  • What is it like through Zuzka’s eyes? (art-brut home video)
    exhibition January 14 - February 4, 2011

    Who is Zuzka? She is Martin’s sister. She likes photography and making videos. She bought her first cheap digital camera a year ago, and started exploring the surrounding world through its lenses. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, day by day, year by year. Growing potatoes, making hay,cutting wood, making home-spirit, pig-slaughter. Ride in a car, ride, [...]

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