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  • Mini Art Workshop

    Mini art workshop is for kids from 4 to 6 years old and aimed at visual arts creation - drawing, painting, photography, sculpting using different themes and projects. The price for one workshop is 2,00 €.
    The workshop is every Monday at 16.30.

    Info and applications:
    Nika Tabačková, 0948 828 213

  • L. Arvay’s Primary Art School

    … is using the space of Stanica.
    There are possibilities of courses for children from age of 5, for pupils and students of grammar and high schools, as well as for adults.

    Info and booking:
    Mgr. Petra Máliková: petra@stanica.sk, 0904 501 927

  • Ceramics Evenings for Adults

    Ceramics Evenings is creative 2-hours workshop/week for those who already know basics about ceramic sculpting, have ideas and are not all the time depending on the lecturer. We offer freedom of creation, workshop space and other facilities and tools and sometimes assistance of the lecturer.
    Info & applications:
    hanka@stanica.sk, 0907 178 756

  • Summer children symposiums 2010
    12. - 16. 7. a 26. - 29. 7. 2010

    The summer is coming and it brings a possibility to join the atmosphere of Sumer children symposiums. There are two of them:
    July 12th-16th 2010: The jurney to the space of graphics
    Creative ways of classical and contemporary graphics and using dioramas for the kids from 6 to 12 years old. 4 days of intensive fine art [...]

  • Kassaboys: Symposium from Stanica in Kasárne in Košice

    New exhibition in Kasárne Kulturpark in Košice features from 19th February the video-installation Symposium of Kassaboys artist collective (Tomáš Makara, Radovan Čerevka, Peter Vrábeľ) that is result from the project realised in 2008 in Stanica. In this project Kassaboys invited three “classical” artists - painter, graphic and sculptor. They decorated the room for workshop with [...]

  • Miklós Surányi (Hu): Ghost Science
    exhibition 4. 12. 2009 - 31. 1. 2010

    Photographies of Hungarian artist from his residency in Slovakia (Stanica_CLASS)

    „Ghost” and „science” are two words with contradictional meanings. Our artistic discourse is regarding science and research as trustees of modernity, the latter seen as a legitimate modernist heritage of fine art´s creation. While ghost is an ancient ally of science, having gone through several changes [...]

  • Streetart Summit 5 + History of Žilina-Rajec train line
    exhibition 12. 9. - 10. 10. 2009

    Street art & graffiti and historical objects and documents (Stanica_LAB_FLUX)
    The project is linking two exhibitions.The first one if result of a workshop by young artist working with streetart techniques. Their paintings and stencils are directly on the walls of Stanica gallery. Then we have installed historical exhibition about our train line to Rajec which celebrates [...]

  • Roberta Gentry (Usa): Moulting
    exhibition 16. 7. - 14. 8. 2009

    Exhibition of paintings by young American artist (Stanica_CLASS)

    All the works have been created in Zilina during her artistic residency, thanks to support of US Embassy in Bratislava.

    To see more of her works, please visit her web > www.robertagentry.com

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