Miklós Surányi (Hu): Ghost Science
exhibition 4. 12. 2009 - 31. 1. 2010

Photographies of Hungarian artist from his residency in Slovakia (Stanica_CLASS)


„Ghost” and „science” are two words with contradictional meanings. Our artistic discourse is regarding science and research as trustees of modernity, the latter seen as a legitimate modernist heritage of fine art´s creation. While ghost is an ancient ally of science, having gone through several changes of meaning it became banished into the twilight zone of the esoteric.

Of course this dichotomy of ghost and science is rather a playful element in this photo series: ghost, as spirit of science is appearing rather in traces. In the pictures these traces refer to absent things, e.g. the oddly leaning trees of the wood landscapes, the vaporous window, or the wondering of the woman, sitting on the bed´s ledge. These traces on my pictures are invoking a ghostly detective story, where we see traces of events, which had happened earlier, and the photos are the frames of a jerky road- or chasing movie. In this movie science is the ghost - the escapee, who slips away.

This quasi-ghost story is dinamized by visual scaling, which spectrum is extending from still lifes of tiny objects to big landcapes with unfathomable woods. In this photo the usage of artificial lighting is very accentuated - unusually the pictures become through the strong lights very ghostly.

As it occures very often in my work, visual humour is to discern here too, mainly generated by objects made seem to be disfunctional. Through the extracted meaning the unfunctional objects get a new form, to which nothing else is to connect, only the spooky phenomenon of levitation.


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