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  • Children Water Theatre Symposium
    workshop for children
    Friday – Saturday, 15. – 16. 2013

    Theatre set design and dramatization using recycled materials and water, inspired by the story of the Little Mermaid by H. Ch. Andersen.
    Friday 3pm - 6pm
    Saturday 1pm - 6pm, from 6pm presentation of the results
    Participation fee: 12,00 €
    Info and registration: martu@stanica.sk, +421 949 354 582

  • Ceramics symposium
    a trip and a workshop (not only) for children
    Monday - Friday, 12. – 16. 8. 2013
    Nový dvor v Brhlovciach

    Symposium in August will take children for a trip. Participants will be able to discover traditional techniques of ceramics and pottery in the rural area of southern Slovakia in municipality of Brhlovce in the district of Levice. There is an active NGO Nový dvor, which is working on art-craft education and on the reconstruction of [...]

  • Pódium #5: Art and liberation
    exhibition and symposium
    Saturday 8. 6. 2013, 11.00 – 20.00, New Synagogue

    Art and liberation II: Ornaments in masses
    OSTV/ESTFEST, organized by forum experimentelle architektur wien
    Corresponding cities: Žilina and Gorizia (IT)
    Since its founding in 2004, forum experimentelle architektur wien organizes series of events called OSTV/ESTFEST (East West Festival) where cultures are mixed regardless of former geopolitical division of Europe. Art and liberation is part of this festival. [...]

  • Karaoke Europe: The Lure of the Real
    symposium / workshop
    Thursday – Saturday, 6. – 8. 12. 2012

    Methods of research and dealing with reality in anthropology and participative art projects.

    The aim of the meeting is to have a closer look on the methods of research or being in the terrain that are used in science (anthropology) as well as in participative art projects.
    We invited scientists and artists working with various media (theatre, [...]

  • Memory Kontrol / normalization and its neo
    festival and symposium
    Monday – Friday, 12. – 16. 11. 2012

    „Who thinks what he sees and who tells what he thinks, is weird.“ Konrád Gyorgy, Abusive State
    Do not forget this year’s Memory Kontol. 5th volume is bringing theatre, concert, films, programme for schools, Czech-Slovak student debate, literature, exhibition and two-day long intergeneration symposium of central-European intelectuals. The reflection of continuity of mechanism, that co-created social [...]

  • Streetart Summit ∞
    streetart and graffiti symposium
    Wednesday - Saturday, September 21–24, 2011

    Topic of eighth sequel of graffiti and streetart symposium Streetart Summit is Eternity. 11 selected artists from Slovakia (not stricly streetartists) will be working in Stanica for four days in front of public eyes. The event will finish with a vernissage of pieces on Saturday.

    Participating artists:
    Ivana Šatekova / Dzive
    Slavomíra Ondrušová / Dzive
    Michal Turkovič / Garnart
    Braňo [...]

  • Photo: BodyTalker and Summer animated symposium

    Dance residency of of Peter Šavel and Juliane von Crailsheim finished by public presentation,
    so did the children summer sumposium focused on animated films about children contemporary folklore.
    You will get by the children animations at stanica web/facebook/youtube,
    as well as Šavel.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

  • How folklor is animated

    This week at stanica Žilina-Záriečie, a film symposium Animated Film-Mix took place (od 15.8 do 19.8). On Monday, we made sketches for our little movies (which will be connected into one in the end of the week) for a topic: Contemporary Children Folklore. It can be horror, parody, rhyme.. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we prepared [...]

  • Living Underground 7
    Saturday-Saturday, August 20-27, 2011

    LU is a project by architects, designers and cultural activists. It is a creative laboratory focused on public space, however, with limited budget and workforce created by participants. This time, the workshop is organized within Engine Room Europe project with international participation. Some presentations and discussions are open for public.
    Many years of cultural production [...]

  • Animals Enlightment

    Summer and holidays passed its half. That also means that first Children summer symposium is behind us and the second one ahead. Those who could not participate on Fine Art-Theatre summer symposium for children where a theatre performance was created (based on playing with shadows and lights), those can watch the footage from the premiere. [...]

  • Streetart Summit 7
    exhibition from symposium, 16. 10. - 15. 11. 2010

    The topic of the seventh edition of graffiti and street symposium Streetart Summit was illusion – not only optical, but illusion as a deceptive notion, concealing the essence of reality. During four days, 10 selected artists from Slovakia (not only streetart artists) were working in the gallery of Stanica, which was open for public. Symposium [...]

  • Living Underground 6 – Polom
    workshop, 22. - 29. 8. 2010

    workshop/symposium/ architecture-design (Stanica_FLUX)This year’s workshop of young architects and designers called Living Underground no. 6 took place at the cult monument Polom above Žilina, almost forgotten place with strong atmosphere. It is a historical monument, each year visited by some survivors remembering the end of Second World War led by a politician. They garland the memorial, and [...]

  • The First Children summer symposium is over

    Cez 20 detí, 8 dospelých a 1. tohtoročné letné sympózium juniorov sa blíži do svoho piatkového finále. A my vás priebežne zásobujeme čerstvou fotografickou dokumentáciou aktivít našich-vašich detí. Z dôvodu utajovania musíme ešte stále časť dôkazového materiálu o našej činnosti držať pod zámkom. Avšak piatok… sa všetko dozviete.
    More than 20 kids, 8 adults and 1st [...]

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