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  • Theatre evening by conservatorie from Martin
    students theatre evening
    Wednesday 25. 6. 2014, 7.00pm

    Two unyielding, fresh and young theatre pieces – Hrdý Budžes (Proud you will be) and Oskar a Ruth (Oskar and Ruth) and one dance analysis of medical community of not conservated bodies performed by students from Privat Musical and Dramatical Conservatorie in Martin.
    7.00pm Irena Dousková – Hrdý Budžes (Proud you will be)
    On the background of [...]

  • 1 + 1
    student dance show
    Monday 2. 6. 2014, 7.00pm

    Evening of two dance shows of dance conservatoire of J. L. Bella in Banská Bystrica choreographed by Zuzana Juhásová (Hory Doly) and Lucia Horváthová (Jewish Soul).
    Dance performance Hory Doly by graduates of conservatoire inspired by spaces of train platforms which embody a parallel to a period of the dancers - their study at conservatoire and [...]

  • 1 + 1
    student evening of contemporary dance and theater
    Monday 10. 6. 2013, 19.00

    Očakávania (Expectations)
    Očakávania (Expectations) is a renewed project of a group TDA (Tanečné divadlo Alternatív - Dancing theater Alternatív), that exists and works in Žilina on the field of the contemporary dance. The performance offers various images of the expectations in the people’s life, which are affecting them in the given circumstances.
    Choreography and regie: Zuzana [...]

  • 1 + 1 + 1
    student evening of contemporary theater and dance
    Monday 27. 5. 2013, 19.00

    Three short performances, developed in cooperation between choreographer and dancer Zuzana Burianová and students from conservatory in Banská Bystrica and Martin.
    Performance Dandó brings an inside view on particularity, formlessness and uniformity in the group of people without need to differ. One moment - expression of individuality, drags with it a wave of diversity and [...]

  • Voisins
    theatre performance in french language
    Saturday 23. June 2012, 6pm

    The spectacle „Voisins” (Neighbors) introduced by theatre group of local bilingual high school. A comedy, pointing on important things in life through humour. Two adjoining families decide to listen to the advices of a clairvoyant… The performance is in French version.
    Authors: Nicolas Theys and Delphine Guiot
    Students of žilina bilingual high school introduced this show in [...]

  • After the weekend, after hockey, with pictures

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Artičoky
    student creative festival
    Saturday 19 May 2012, 3pm – 12pm

    Artičoky is one day festival of student creativity. During the day, students of Academy of Fine Arts and Design, art high schools from Žilina and Trenčín, as well as local Žilina fans will present their creations (paintings, photography, graphics, drawings). In the evening, there will be a projection of films of students of Academy of [...]

  • MestoZÁhrada 2012: Navigation
    interdisciplinary workshop
    Monday - Sunday, 30. April - 6. May 2012

    An interdisciplinary workshop for students of architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, design, visual communication, or even tourism development and tourism management. In cooperation with Regional turism organisation Malá Fatra and City of Žilina, we´ll together seek for creative solutions for the city information system - areas for sticking posters, navigation system, labelling historical structures or creating [...]

  • TECHNOlogy
    Monday - Saturday, 16th - 21st April 2012

    Workshop for students of Department of painting and other media at Academy of Fine Arts and Design under the guidance of Mgr. art. Martin Špirec, who teaches a subject of same name.„How conditions of making an art piece are reflected and how the idea of an artist reflects itself in a finished artifact. We document [...]

  • Presentation of works from the public art workshop InBetweenCentre II

    It is July and the temperature climbs to 33 degrees Celsius. On the Hlinka square stands a May - traditional Slovak tree symbol built in May usualy. Is the strain of a plastic sewer pipe and on top of it there is an artificial Christmas tree. The artist Alžbeta Lišková designed a practical package [...]

  • Medzicentrum II
    Workshop for fine arts students
    Wednesday – Friday, July 6-15, 2011

    The workshop topic of this year’s edition (last year’s took place in Banská St a nica and the town of Banská Štiavnica) is cultural vitalization of an urban axis among several centres of Žilina – Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Považie Art Gallery in Žilina and the town of Žilina. The workshop focuses on social interventions by means [...]

  • Marjane Satrapi: Broderies
    Theatre adaptation of comic in French
    Saturday, June 11, 2011, 7pm

    Marjane Satrapi has become famous in the world of comic thanks to her outstanding saga Persepolis. Now she’s putting out another work of art called „Broderies”, featuring intimate interviews with Iranian women. Just like any other women in the world, they also want to share their experience and problems with their female friends. [...]

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