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  • Daniela Varínska
    piano recital
    Wednesday, 11 April 2012, 7pm

    Second piano recital at Stanica will host the First Lady of slovak pianism, Daniela Varínska. Let this be an invitation to listen a unique dramaturgy composed of key pieces from piano literature.
    Sonata is considered to be the most complex music form. It overcame nad is still overcoming an admirable progress - even the music scholars [...]

  • MaTinée
    music afternoon
    Sunday, January 15, 2012, 4pm

    First of Sunday music afternoons cycle MaTinée in the bar of Stanica will be dedicated to piano. We will talk about interesting trivia form history of the instrument, what does it have in common with keys, and how is the sound of a piano coming to life. Then, we´ll let the piano itself, to talk. [...]

  • Photo: Silent night

    Stanica was honoured to host 4 piano players spending 1 day (or 24 hours {or 86 400 seconds}) behind white grand piano which we have thanks to all of you who donated in the collection. Ivan Šiller, Fero Király, Zuzana Biščáková and Kamil Mihalov played from Saturday 6pm until Sunday 6pm Erik Satie’s piece Vexations [...]

  • Silent night
    24-hour nonstop happening
    Saturday - Sunday, December 17-18, 6pm - 6pm

    Cluster ensemble in collaboration with Transmusic comp. prepared a 24-hour version of the song „Vexations“ by Erik Satie. Extraordinary event that only few may challenge to accomplish – five pianists take turns at the piano for exactly 86 400 seconds. Come, and leave whenever during this event. But don´t miss it!
    The 1893 composition Vexations by french composer [...]

  • 1000 € from Rotary Club Žilina for our new piano

    Very good news for our white grand piano. On Monday December 12, 2011, Marek Adamov received the donation of 1.000 € from Jozef Galdun, president of Rotary Club Žilina, to support the collection for our new piano that we have in Stanica since May 2011. Actually we have then already 2.730 € (from 3.500 € [...]

  • Video: On the white wing (documentary by Peter Pikna)

    Stanica has got a new piano and also a documentary from its inaugural concert! A restored white grand piano by the Rösler make from 1993 was baptized by well-known Slovak pianists and composers: Jordana Palovičová, Ivan Šiller, Kamil Mihalov, Peter Zagar, Branislav Malatinský, Jaroslava Šimerková, Martin Jurčo and others, see them in the documentary film [...]

  • Photo: Flying on new Grand Piano

    Yesterday was a big day. Saturday as any other. But special in a way. New white Grand Piano had its premiere at Stanica. It was not only musical experience but visual as well. You can see from the pictures. More information about our new piano can be found here.

    photo: dusand

  • Na novom krídle / Flying on New Grand Piano
    Concert / Classical music anew
    Saturday, May 21, 2011, 7pm

    Stanica has got a new piano! A restored white grand piano by the Rösler make from 1993 will be baptized by well-known Slovak pianists and composers: Ivan Gajan, Jordana Palovičová, Ivan Šiller, Kamil Mihalov, Peter Zagar, Branislav Malatinský, Jaroslava Šimerková, Martin Jurčo and others.
    Pianist Beena Kumar-Karpisova from Norway donated the piano to Stanica before [...]

  • Photo: Our new piano’s repair in progress

    See some photos of our new white piano being completely repaired and reconstructed by Pavol Tima, master in this field. It is a detailed great job and if you wish to support us in paying for it, please follow this link of the public collection in Dobrá krajina or contact us directly in Stanica. Thanks [...]

  • Support our new piano

    We have a new public collection from February 2011 for a new piano. More than 20 concerts of contemporary music take place in Stanica every year, and more and more we play classic chamber music of composers from 20th Century. The only musical instrument that the artists cannot bring with them is the piano. We [...]

  • Photo: Blue Peter (Milčák) & (Julo’s) Fujaksongs

    Literature and music evening just before Christmas (December 22, 2010) with poet and publisher Peter Milčák and musician and composer Julo Fujak, moderated by Peter Staríček. Photos: Natália Zajačiková
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

  • Ivan Šiller: daJ Si Bacha
    concert, Wednesday 17, 2010, 7pm

    concert / Classical music in a non-classical style
    To commemorate November 17, Ivan Šiller will play the piano – Goldberg’s variations by Johann Sebastian Bach.

    Ivan Šiller - piano
    Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations (Goldbergove variácie), BWV 988
    Variation 1. Variation 2. Variation 3 (Canone all’Unisono)
    Variation 4. Variation 5. Variation 6 (Canone alla Seconda)
    Variation 7. Variation 8. Variation 9 [...]

  • ŽLFoto: Reading Peter Karpinský a Koloman Kocúr, piano Kamil Mihalov

    Reading of two authors accompanied by one pianist in S2. Zilina Literature Festival in full force. Keep coming and keep checking the photo/reports.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

  • Read by Peter Karpinský and Koloman Kocúr,
    Kamil Mihalov on piano
    Tuesday 5. 10. 2010, 20.00, S2

    The two Slovak writers read from their own works. Accompanied by Kamil Mihalov, playing the piano, which is not his own.
    in Slovak only
    Admission: 2,00 / 1,00 €

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