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  • “Give me a hard time”
    interview with Nienke, our Dutch volunteer

    Since January, you can meet a new volunteer in Stanica. Her name is Nienke, she is our first Dutch EVS volunteer ever and she is going to stay with us until the end of November. What she is up to and how she feels in Žilina, you can read in an interview we made with [...]

  • Meet Mats, our volunteer from Norway

    After Algis, we would like to introduce you one second Northern volunteer who came to Stanica a month ago. Mats Blakstad from Norway - little guy with big idea in his head…
    - - -
    My name is Mats Blakstad and I’m from Kristiansand (southern Norway). I just arrived at Stanica and will stay here for one [...]

  • Meet Algis, our new EVS volunteer

    Also in 2013/14 we keep on hosting the volunteers who come from abroad to help us in daily work at Stanica and at the same time they learn something new. Nežka, Vinciane and Natalie have already returned back to their home countries and from this september, you have a chance to meet our new volunteers [...]

  • Felting Workshop
    Sunday 7. 4. 2013, 2pm – 6pm

    SMany people, especially nomadic folks, used felting as the main type of textile productions, with the help of which created a lot of convenient and necessary things: the yurt, a variety of rugs, bags, clothes, shoes and many other household items, which served for a person throughout life.
    The tppic of the next workshop [...]

  • Felting Workshop
    Saturday 16. 2. 2013, 1pm – 5pm

    Learn how to create from ordinary wool nice and usefel things. We start new course of workshops Felting - technique of producing from spun wool clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, paintings and other things.
    Feltinge is the oldest textile manufacturing technique in the world. Ancient people started felt of wool of wild animals. And only then [...]

  • DIY worksho(ck!)
    creative platform
    Sunday 10. 2. 2013, 3pm – 6pm

    Topic of the next meeting is paper. Bring magazines, newspapers, toilet rolls, books that you do not need anymore or any paper material which can be usefull and inspirational. We will see what creative ideas will grow from gathered stuff. See you in Stanica.
    Upcycling is something that is not really new, but is used in [...]

  • DIY worksho(ck!)
    creative workshop
    sunday 16. 12. 2012, 2 pm – 5 pm

    New life to old things. A creative platform for young (not necessarily age) with progressive and practical focus. It will not be a design workshop or a training workshop - just a sample of how to think in a different way and get what you want out of what you have. Creative recycling is an [...]

  • DIY worksho(ck!)
    initial meeting of creative platform
    Sunday 4.11.2012, 2pm-5pm

    The first Upcycling platform for young (in your mind!), progressive and handy. Give new life to old things!
    How much different stuff we store in the chests hoping that we can use it ever again but hands never reach. You need new lamp? Make it! You need fashionable shoes? Make it! Stop buying, [...]

  • Photo and recipes: Vegan Sunday

    Once a month, Sunday will be devoted to veganism. Yesterday´s topic was vegan desserts and sweets. The bar was full of people, the table was loaded with a wide variety of cakes and desserts. There was also a short presentation on veganism with Jakub Slovák. All thanks to wonderful organizational skills of Natasa Prelog, our [...]

  • Carnival of celebrities
    EVS volunteer party
    Saturday 11 February 2012, 8pm

    After four years you can once again mask yourselves and participate in volunteer carnival (volunteers = young people from the EU countries operating in Slovakia within European Voluntary Service program). Many of them will arrive to Žilina especially for this carnival from all over Slovakia. You can come even you’re not a volunteer. The only [...]

  • The Volunteer and Stanica

    2012 - European Year of Volunteering finished a good time ago but we can’t imagine Stanica without volunteers 20 years more. Same as now, everyone who believed in common idea and devoted time and energy were very important in the early beginnings. Voluntarily, without any vision of salary and maybe even without clear image of [...]

  • How our EVS volunteers are doing

    Word from our volunteers who came to Stanica in october for their year of European Voluntary Service..

    Hello :-)
    My name is Nataša and I am now volunteer in Stanica in Žilina. Me and my boyfriend Niki were thinking to go somewhere on EVS, to work what we want to do in our lives, know new [...]

  • KIA volunteers for the whole year

    On Friday September 9, 2011, we met together with three other NGOs the managers from KIA Motors Slovakia. They introduced an ambitious volunteers’ plan of their company - they wil allow every month their employees to volunteer for one day in one of present NGOs. Thank you and looking forward - we will have the [...]

  • Foto: Výtvarnýs plenérs, New nationalism anda Petanque

    “The participants of Plenér(s) in Sklabina enjoyed a little bit of rain, but definitely more sun, drawing, painting, knitting, playing diferent kind of music instruments near the fire, wine, a possibility to milk a goat, a guided tour in the ruins of Sklabina castle, beautiful views, fresh air, hot Sunday, two exhibition openings (because the [...]

  • New volunteer soon with us

    Approaching week, Stanica crew will include one person more. We will soon welcome young German student, Christin, who will spend one year as a volunteer (European Voluntary Service). So, besides Mario from Serbia, Klara from Latvia and Martin from Czech republic, you will have opportunity to meet our fourth volunteer, see her activities, how her [...]

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