DIY worksho(ck!)
creative platform
Sunday 10. 2. 2013, 3pm – 6pm

DIY worksho(ck!)Topic of the next meeting is paper. Bring magazines, newspapers, toilet rolls, books that you do not need anymore or any paper material which can be usefull and inspirational. We will see what creative ideas will grow from gathered stuff. See you in Stanica.

Upcycling is something that is not really new, but is used in another way which is beneficial for world. The concept is to take something that would normally be thrown away and make something new and useful out of it. You can make a paper out of an old pair of jeans. You can make a wall out of old plastic or glass bottles. You could make furniture out of old wood from a dismantles barn. The possibilities are endless

Info and registration:, 0944 329 628

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