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  • Small ceramics festival
    Sunday 25. 8. 2013, 13.00 – 17.00

    Amusement in the park for the children and the adults. Throughout the afternoon, there will be workshops of ceramics - work on the pottery wheel, raku glazing and hand modeling for the children. Create a cup with your own hands, buy ceramics products and taste some homemade food and fresh herbal teas. You can stay [...]

  • Felting Workshop
    Sunday 7. 4. 2013, 2pm – 6pm

    SMany people, especially nomadic folks, used felting as the main type of textile productions, with the help of which created a lot of convenient and necessary things: the yurt, a variety of rugs, bags, clothes, shoes and many other household items, which served for a person throughout life.
    The tppic of the next workshop [...]

  • Felting Workshop
    Saturday 16. 2. 2013, 1pm – 5pm

    Learn how to create from ordinary wool nice and usefel things. We start new course of workshops Felting - technique of producing from spun wool clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, paintings and other things.
    Feltinge is the oldest textile manufacturing technique in the world. Ancient people started felt of wool of wild animals. And only then [...]

  • DIY worksho(ck!)
    creative platform
    Sunday 10. 2. 2013, 3pm – 6pm

    Topic of the next meeting is paper. Bring magazines, newspapers, toilet rolls, books that you do not need anymore or any paper material which can be usefull and inspirational. We will see what creative ideas will grow from gathered stuff. See you in Stanica.
    Upcycling is something that is not really new, but is used in [...]

  • DIY worksho(ck!)
    creative workshop
    sunday 16. 12. 2012, 2 pm – 5 pm

    New life to old things. A creative platform for young (not necessarily age) with progressive and practical focus. It will not be a design workshop or a training workshop - just a sample of how to think in a different way and get what you want out of what you have. Creative recycling is an [...]

  • DIY worksho(ck!)
    initial meeting of creative platform
    Sunday 4.11.2012, 2pm-5pm

    The first Upcycling platform for young (in your mind!), progressive and handy. Give new life to old things!
    How much different stuff we store in the chests hoping that we can use it ever again but hands never reach. You need new lamp? Make it! You need fashionable shoes? Make it! Stop buying, [...]

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