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  • Do it yourself – children summer symposium
    workshop for children
    Monday – Friday, 4. – 8. 8. 2014

    A few years we organise not one, but two children summer symposium. In the same trend we continue also this summer. After July workshop focused on the animation, the August workshop will be based on the key words and phrases as do it yourself, manual work, recycling or second chance for rubbish.
    At the [...]

  • Uurob si sám: BOJTKY
    family workshop
    Saturday 29. 3. 2014, 10.00am - 12.00am

    At the following workshop, we will be acting as illustrators and book binders. We have pre-printed a tiny book entitled Bojtky that is full of folklore rhymes: „Kobyła Bexa poskočiła dřisła motyka kapsa“. Are you curious what language is that?
    Workshop led by Uutěrky.
    Info: mjk@cmail.cz, +421 949 849 378
    Participation fee: 5,00 €

  • DIY: Pinhole Workshop
    Sunday 10. 11. 2013, 4pm

    Explore alternative ways of photography! Build your own camera from matchbox, pinhole camera is one of the simpliest and oldest types of photo cameras. It is also one of the most interesting tools for experimenting with image with no digital adjustments.
    The workshop lecturer is Algis Kaveckis (Lt), currently volunteering in Stanica through European Voluntary Service [...]

  • DIY worksho(ck!)
    creative platform
    Sunday 10. 2. 2013, 3pm – 6pm

    Topic of the next meeting is paper. Bring magazines, newspapers, toilet rolls, books that you do not need anymore or any paper material which can be usefull and inspirational. We will see what creative ideas will grow from gathered stuff. See you in Stanica.
    Upcycling is something that is not really new, but is used in [...]

  • Wishing carp

    The fish (by Matej and Šimon) is wishing Merry christmas and Happy new year to all of you!

  • DIY worksho(ck!)
    creative workshop
    sunday 16. 12. 2012, 2 pm – 5 pm

    New life to old things. A creative platform for young (not necessarily age) with progressive and practical focus. It will not be a design workshop or a training workshop - just a sample of how to think in a different way and get what you want out of what you have. Creative recycling is an [...]

  • DIY Christmas - opened presents workshops
    creative workshops
    Monday - Friday, 10. - 14. 12. 2012, 3 pm - 8 pm

    During the week from 10 to 14 December it is still relatively acceptable level of pre-Christmas stress. Workshops on Stanica will be opened all these days and we will help you to make a some hand-made gifts. Every day will be something different, according to the following schedule. From Tuesday to Thursday workshops taking [...]

  • DIY worksho(ck!)
    initial meeting of creative platform
    Sunday 4.11.2012, 2pm-5pm

    The first Upcycling platform for young (in your mind!), progressive and handy. Give new life to old things!
    How much different stuff we store in the chests hoping that we can use it ever again but hands never reach. You need new lamp? Make it! You need fashionable shoes? Make it! Stop buying, [...]

  • Photo: projection, concert, workshop, literature, theatre

    Eighty Letters (Václav Kadrnka)

    Musica Falsa et Ficta: More variations on Goldberg

    DIY workshop of pallet chair making

    Writting in the “woman” pattern

    A je to! / Bob´s your uncle!
    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Screen printing at home
    Friday - Sunday, 25. - 27. May 2012

    Intense screen printing workshop, where you can find out, that making a screenprint at home (DIY) is not that difficult, as you would imagine. You´ll meet our simple workroom at Stanica. We will show you many practical improvements, various manuals and tricks - how to do it. But at first - it´s gonna to be [...]

  • How ceramics is being drafted
    weekend DIY workshop
    Friday - Sunday 4. - 6. May 2012

    April workshop is canceled and moved to weekend 4th-6th May 2012.
    Are you provoked by the idea of own hand-made ceramic products? Do you want to be grounded a bit?
    A three-day intense workshop of work with clay and ceramics, where you may get to know basic techniques of this craft or art, and will have the [...]

  • Pocket library
    bookbinding workshop
    Friday - Sunday, 9 - 11 March 2012

    What you should not miss in your library? A self-bound book with selected content! Each participant of this workshop will have the opportunity to bind his or hers own book with selected excerpts from favourite books or recycled magazines and journals.
    A three-day workshop where everyone will go through different stages of bookbinding - from acquaintance [...]

  • Silkscreen at home
    Friday - Sunday, December 16-18, 2011

    Three-day intensive silkscreen workshop, where you´ll find out, that DIY silkscreen is not that hard to make on your own, at your home. We´ll introduce you to our simple workroom established in Stanica, and we´ll show you many simple tricks, and ways, how to do it. But at first: we´ll print! This time, we will [...]

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