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  • Žilin Cin City
    kids summer symposium
    Monday - Friday, 17th - 21st August 2015

    Public space is a big and often mentioned topic but just rarely it is reflected by kids. The goal of the project Žilin Cin City is to bring kids near urban theories, near a research of the city where they live and according to material, which kids gain, prepare docufictive theatre performance which they will [...]

  • Shoot the Movie, Urchins!
    kids summer symposium
    Monday - Friday, 13th - 17th July 2015

    One week long intensive workshop of photografic, movie and animation approaches which lead to movie documentary. Ivan Ostrochovský, director of movie Koza, will spend time with kids at Stanica and they will shoot together movies for the project My Street Films.
    Lector leadership: Ivan Ostrochovský, Ivana Rumanová, Martu Hlavajová, Dušan Dobiaš
    Workshop is for kids from 6 [...]

  • Do it yourself – children summer symposium
    workshop for children
    Monday – Friday, 4. – 8. 8. 2014

    A few years we organise not one, but two children summer symposium. In the same trend we continue also this summer. After July workshop focused on the animation, the August workshop will be based on the key words and phrases as do it yourself, manual work, recycling or second chance for rubbish.
    At the [...]

  • Children summer symposium
    workshop for children
    Monday - Friday, 30. 6. - 4. 7. 2014

    This year’s children’s symposium doesn’t have any exact name yet. We decided to let the participants baptize it. Anyway it will be approached in the spirit of animation and illustration and it will certainly be sexy (in the brightest word sense.-). Alica Gurinová (alicagurinova.sk) and Erik Bartoš (erikbartos.com) , connected by the Sexi Světla project, will [...]

  • Children summer sinfonium
    multimedia workshop
    Monday - Friday, 20. - 24. August 2012

    Sound and multimedia lab with pictorial and graphic turn-offs. The aim is to develop own sinfonic track and present it at a concert. Elements of contemporary folklore are to be included in such track. For this date, we are seeking (not only) children from the age of 6 to 60, with the experience and [...]

  • (Slovensky) Po prvom detskom letnom sympóziu sa len tak zadymilo (katalóg instantnej výstavy)

  • Child summer symposium 2D/3D
    art workshop
    Monday - Friday, 9. - 13. July 2012

    Intense workshop focusing on mapping and confrontation of dimensions, flat and spartial making, artistic and multimedia formats. Suitable for children from 6 to 14 years, with interest in artistic and multimedia work. The workshops will be held daily from 1pm till 6pm with refreshment breaks.
    Instructional leadership: Martin Krkošek, Jana Huljaková, Tomáš Cetera, Dušan Dobiaš and [...]

  • How folklor is animated

    This week at stanica Žilina-Záriečie, a film symposium Animated Film-Mix took place (od 15.8 do 19.8). On Monday, we made sketches for our little movies (which will be connected into one in the end of the week) for a topic: Contemporary Children Folklore. It can be horror, parody, rhyme.. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we prepared [...]

  • Summer symposium for children – animated film
    Monday – Friday, August 15-19, 2011

    Another of this year’s summer symposium for children is again focused on film animation. Drawing from previous experience, we’re counting on a great many minutes of good quality animated film. The novelty is that we’ll be more than usual focused on the sonic element of film and also, that the symposium will be open for [...]

  • Animals Enlightment

    Summer and holidays passed its half. That also means that first Children summer symposium is behind us and the second one ahead. Those who could not participate on Fine Art-Theatre summer symposium for children where a theatre performance was created (based on playing with shadows and lights), those can watch the footage from the premiere. [...]

  • Come and see our animals and their enlightment

    On Wednesday 27th July at 18.00 we invite you to the closing event of the Summer Children Symposium. This year it was focused to the stage design mainly using light and shadows. The stage designers usually do not create the story of the performances, do not direct them and do not act in them - [...]

  • Fine Art-Theatre summer symposium for children
    KioSK 2011: workshop
    Saturday – Wednesday, July 23-27, 2011

    The workshop for children over 6 will be technically and thematically focused on light design in theatre – apart from creating a story on light, we’ll work on shadow puppets, light design and “drawing sceneries” with the aid of light. We’ll also deal with making of performance booklets and posters. At the end of symposium, [...]

  • Children summer symposiums 2011 - not only for kids!

    There will be two summer weeks used in Stanica for the intensive fine art workshops for kids - one in july, one in august, one specialised to the visual theatre and one to the film animation. The new thing is that film symposium will be also available for adult people (parents etc.)
    There are not all [...]

  • Summer children symposiums 2010
    12. - 16. 7. a 26. - 29. 7. 2010

    The summer is coming and it brings a possibility to join the atmosphere of Sumer children symposiums. There are two of them:
    July 12th-16th 2010: The jurney to the space of graphics
    Creative ways of classical and contemporary graphics and using dioramas for the kids from 6 to 12 years old. 4 days of intensive fine art [...]

  • Photo: Summer workshop for kids 2009 - film animation

    photo: Aňa, fjk

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