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  • Jeff Desom: Rear Window Loop
    video-installation, 21. 5. - 14. 6. 2013, Plusminusnula gallery

    Three-channel video installation Rear Window Loop of Jeff Desom, artist from Luxembourg, is a remix of a famous Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Rear Window. This movie, which was shot from a single perspective, Jeff Desom cut and pieced to one panoramic moving image, where all the events in the movie are happening parallel. For this installation [...]

  • Video Report: Niki Žveglič (part 3/3)

    When I came to Stanica, I actually didn’t know what exactly I will do there. I knew they have lot of work and that I will help with everything around. After a while I saw that they have really good system with photography on the events. They didn’t just take photos from events like archiving, [...]

  • Video Report: Niki Žveglič (part 2/3)

    Hi again, in the second part I will tell you how I came familiar with this job - video editing. When I was younger I actually was never on the computer, the technology was not in my life. I didn’t have the mobile phone, I didn’t watch TV, I was out all the time with [...]

  • Video Report: Niki Žveglič (part 1/3)

    Ok, I have decided to put all my videos to one place and introduce them to the public. Of course I hope that you already seen my videos, at least some of them. There will be three “Video reports” and in the first part, I will introduce the oldest videos.

    I am Niki Žveglič from Slovenia [...]

  • After Michalovce the Sports Wall of Tomáš Rafa also in Sečovce

    After Michalovce the artist and filmmaker Tomáš Rafa moved on with his Sports Wall project. This time, along with artists and volunteers undertook to change the look of the concrete wall, which ringfences elementary school for Roma children in Sečovce. While in Michalovce he stuck to the wall 96-meter billboard, in Sečovce he painted sports [...]

  • From Temple to Temple
    Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 5pm

    Last Minute invitation for Tuesday late afternoon - a videoinstallation “From Temple to Temple” is a part of diploma thesis by David Reitšpís. The author reflects todays consume society and tries to place a mirror to a man and his values at the beginning of 21. century. Where your steps lead you? Where do you [...]

  • Tomáš Rafa: Sporting Wall
    (96-meters of billboard in Michalovce)

    The first news was: “The artist Tomáš Rafa realised on Wednesday November 30, 2011, a big billboard on the controversial “sport wall” in Michalovce. This wall divided in 2009 the Eastern quarter of Michalovce town from the Roma settlement Angi mlyn. Officially built as place for sport, the wall is up to today missing any [...]

  • Zuzana Burianová: Focused on detail
    movement workshop
    Saturday - Sunday, November 26-27, 2011

    Movement workshop related to previous works at KioSK festival, where under the creative endorsement of dancer and choreographer Zuzana Burianová, and cameraman Richard Choma, 5 videos/films about various places, with various motives, and themes were made. This time, we´ll try to work at studio, where no detail will be left unnoticed.
    What´s it going to be [...]

  • Video: On the white wing (documentary by Peter Pikna)

    Stanica has got a new piano and also a documentary from its inaugural concert! A restored white grand piano by the Rösler make from 1993 was baptized by well-known Slovak pianists and composers: Jordana Palovičová, Ivan Šiller, Kamil Mihalov, Peter Zagar, Branislav Malatinský, Jaroslava Šimerková, Martin Jurčo and others, see them in the documentary film [...]

  • Foto: Výtvarnýs plenérs, New nationalism anda Petanque

    “The participants of Plenér(s) in Sklabina enjoyed a little bit of rain, but definitely more sun, drawing, painting, knitting, playing diferent kind of music instruments near the fire, wine, a possibility to milk a goat, a guided tour in the ruins of Sklabina castle, beautiful views, fresh air, hot Sunday, two exhibition openings (because the [...]

  • Video: Documentary of S2 construction

    The spring arrived and our new venue S2 (we are still searching the sponsor for heating) will open again - on Friday April 1 will be the first performance by SkRAT Theatre from Bratislava (in Slovak only). After one and half year we have finished also the film about S2, you can watch it here. [...]

  • S2 exposed on Design Forum in Nitra

    14th exhibition Design Forum (March 8 – 13, 2011, M3 pavilion, Agrokomplex Nitra) is focused on the topic of recuperation that has more and more importance in our thoughts about sustainable future. Our alternative theatre venue S2 built from beer crates and straw bales under the roof of Rondel bridge you can also see on [...]

  • PHOTO/VIDEO: Little things on wool

    Wool, soap, warm water and a pair of hands. Add bit of imagination, mix everything up and - felt! That was happening, only with many pairs of hands, yesterday in Stanica workshop. For those who missed it, watch the photos and video.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]

  • Video: Stanica Stanica 3

    Long time of longing for the third sequel of our television broadcasting Stanica Stanica is over. As usually, this special media format made one of our EVS volunteers famous again. Exactly those 15 warhol’s minutes of fame belong to Klara, our sympathic moderator of cultural news with Latvian accent.

    Just for refreshing your memory, you can [...]

  • Inside-Aut
    Alexandra Borsíková, Miro Kohút, Peter Homola
    exhibition, February 7 - 26, 2011

    The exhibition explores the topic of autism. The authors are three young artists – Peter Homola, Alexandra Borsíkova and Miro Kohút (Katarína Trnovská – the curator). The Project Inside Out was initiated by The Andreas Centre in order to introduce this topic through contemporary art.
    The authors do not intend to take photos of sick people [...]

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