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  • Farm in the Cave: Whistleblowers
    theatre performance / Slovak premiere
    Tuesday 30th September 2014, 6 and 8 pm

    Inscenation is not just a so-called Orwellian fantasy. It was created according to a real affair which ended up by a scandal judgement of the court in Switzerland in 2013. What is hiding behing the marketing identity of corporation? Corporation whose products we consume every day. Real context is leading us to unexplained murders of [...]

  • XIRA
    dance performance / premiere
    Thursday and Friday, 28. and 29. 11., 7pm

    Intimate performance recording proximity of two humans, dancers who have had several opportunities to meet on various places between New York and Žilina. Mutual closeness of these encounters has led to making of the show called XIRA which reinvents their common memories of creation in different spaces.
    XIRA is an identity wherein both dancers are equal, [...]

  • Magda Tuka, Anita Wach (Pl):
    Fight, fight – that’s all we can do
    physical performance / premiere
    Thursday 13. 6. 2013, 19.00

    Many of us are asking me, why wrestling…
    wrestling is my song of love, song of freedom.
    Female Wrestler / Wrestler
    Physical performance is inspired by wrestling and archetype of female warrior. The story in which dominates body of the dancer, intimacy and relationship with the opponent. Diary of physical after-combat experiences, retold through the video, movement, text [...]

  • Petra Tejnorová a kol.: Edge
    documentary theater / slovak premiere
    Thursday 21. 2. 2013, 19.00

    Radical rough, incorrect and entertaining performance at the borders of fiction and documentary is played by old for young. International author staging explores the lives of people over 50, who worked in various roles in theater and dance field. Edge symbolises a period of transition between active life and seemingly passive old age. The [...]

  • About young parents 2
    projection / premiere
    Saturday, 22. September, 7pm

    World premiere of new documentary by DogDocs group.
    Young families with children are not as usual in Europe, as it was in the past. The documentary film About young parents 2 shows, that even in these times, there are young people, who are becoming parents planned, or without previous consideration. The film offers an comparison of [...]

  • 7b - Vladimír Bokes & seven bokeses
    concert / Vážna hudba nevážne
    Friday 1. June 2012, 7pm

    A live premiere of original contemporary music project. An attractive collection of eight compositions (Bokes, Milaković, Borzík, Boroš, Lejava, Betko, Buffa, Zach) joint by common theme, full of inner dynamics, musical tense, racional finesses and emotional nuances, prepojených spoločnou témou, plná vnútornej dynamiky, hudobného napätia, racionálnych fines a emocionálnych nuáns, sophisticated instrumentalization and hidden musical [...]

  • Dance, dance, shoot

    Photo: Natália Zajačiková

  • Dance, dance, shoot
    dance film festival
    Friday - Saturday, 27 - 28 April 2012

    First edition of dance film festival, as a celebration of International Dance Day (29th April). Apart from film projections at Stanica, the festival will offer happenings and installations in the streets of Žilina, projections of slovak dance films on wide screen at Hlinka square, or the premiere of performance Dátum spotreby (Expiration Date) by dance [...]

  • Something like this?
    theatre performance / premiere / PRIZMA
    Thursday 8th March 2012, 8pm

    Close your eyes and imagine your body floating in space.
    The project is conisdered to be a creative experiment, which is being created by encounter of tree dancers, one pianist, one student and two teachers from Faculty of humanities. It is connected to the Academic synergic platform PRIZMA, whose partners are Stanica and Plusmínusnula gallery.
    A cooperation [...]

  • Mio-Mio: List der Vernunft (Cunning of Reason)
    instant opera, premiere
    Friday, November 11, 2011, 8pm

    Where there´s a will, there´s an idea. Radically subjective interpretation of relationship of two brothers (V. M. and V. K.), who lie in each other´s eyes.
    Dramaturgy: Fedor Blaščák
    Directed by: Martin Ondriska
    Music: Stanislav Beňačka, Marek Piaček
    Performers: Mio-Mio: Marek Piaček, Stanislav Beňačka
    Production: Stanica Žilina-Záriečie s podporou Ministerstva kultúry SR
    In Slovak and Czech.
    Admission: 5,00 / 3,00 € (adults [...]

  • Photomix: Kus, ŽLF, Chinawoman

    Premiere of the performance about theatre technicians, another Žilina Literature Festival and dark chanson concert. We are bringing you the photoreports from these three events in exactly opposite order. Enjoy!

    photo: Natália Zajačiková, dusand

  • Kus
    Performance, premiere
    Saturday, October 1, 2011, 8pm

    At the beginning, it was all unified, firm and vast. As time went on, it began to crumble ― scattering like the laughter of toothless technicians, taunting the director who had just spilled his coffee. After the last piece had fallen off, it was all brought together once again.
    Performance Kus is a final result of [...]

  • Milan Tomášik: Off-Beat
    contemporary dance, Slovak premiere
    Tuesday and Wednesday, September 27-28, 7pm

    Milan Tomášik is an original Slovak dancer living and working in Ljubljana, being a member of the Brussel’s Les SlovaKs dance group. After his successful performances Within and Baga-Basta, he’s back at Stanica.
    In his solo project Off-Beat, he’s looking for a “new body” and new movement. He’s juxtaposing the parallel between human breathing and the [...]

  • Zuzana Burianová and TDA: Diaries
    Contemporary dance, premiere
    Monday, May 16, 2011, 7pm

    Film and stage presentation on the topic of “Diaries” performed by Dance Theatre Alternativ will concern intimate space, which we either are willing to share or not. It’s about handwriting, script, fingerprints, footprints and everything that represents a certain form of diary.
    Choreographed and directed by: Zuzana Burianová

    Dramaturgy, photography, editing by: Peter Pikna
Cast: Dance Theatre Alternativ’s [...]

  • Vít Klusák: All for the world’s own good and Nošovice
    Documentary / Slovak premiere
    Tuesday, March 15, 2011, 7pm

    Documentary slapstick by a controversial director Vít Klusák (author of The Czech Dram or The Czech Peace) about a field, on which cars grow, and a factory which landed in Nošovice like a UFO. A slapstick which resembles situation of once green field near Žilina.
    North Moravian village Nošovice was famous for its Radegast brewery and first-class cabbage soup. [...]

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